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Curt ATV Hitch - Hitch with Ball Mount - C45029 Review

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Review of Curt Ball Mounts C45029

Today we're going to review Part Number C45029, this is the Curt ATV Towing Starter Kit. This starter kit will let you equip your ATV for towing. This adapter part right here, will provide a two inch by two inch trailer hitch receiver opening. It is designed to bolt onto any size ATV tongue, with the included hardware. You just line this up with the hole on your ATV tongue, run this large bolt and nut through her, tighten it down, and you're ready to go. Now, I also have installed the anti-swivel plate. You notice right down here I've bolted on, there's two bolts.

This swivel plate right here, once you line it up and tighten it down, it will keep this adapter, once you bolt it onto your ATV tongue, from swiveling on your ATV. Also has this integrated D-ring right here, provides a nice, convenient tie down point for safety chains, and it is a fixed design. Once this is all installed properly there will be no swiveling of the adapter on your ATV. The other part that comes with this is the multi-attachment ball mount. This will work for a variety of towing applications. If you notice right here, it has the welded on hitch ball, provides attachment point for a trailer coupler. It is to be used in the rise position only. At the bottom here, you can see it has one tang clevis with the hole in it.

This can be coupled with a two tang clevis that would slide in, and then drop the pin through to hold it into place. It has a built-in bar right underneath the hitch ball, you can see here, this built-in bar let's you attach a tow strap through there. Both parts are a corrosion resistant, high gloss, black powder coat finish. The pin and the clip is included, that is used to hold this ball mount into your adapter. These parts are made in the USA. A few specs on this part, the capacity is not to exceed your ATV tow rating, so you go by the rating on your ATV. A few measurements on the multi-attachment ball mount, measurement, I'm going to measure from the center of the hitch pin hole to the center of the hitch ball.

If we put a ruler on that, you can see center-to-center is going to be right at six inches. Now the other measurement, I'm going to measure from the center of the hitch pin hole to the center of the clevis hole. Let me just turn this a little bit, if we go center-to-center, you can see it's right at seven and a half inches. The measurement from the center of the hitch pin hole to the end of the shank is going to be right at two and a half inches. If you notice, this does have a three-quarter inch rise, and that's measured from the top of the inside of the hitch opening to the top of the ball platform. The clevis hole has a ball, or a clevis hole diameter of a five-eighths of an inch diameter. This part comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Basically what I want to show you is how you would install this.

Go to your ATV tongue, has the hole in it, line this hole up with it, drop your three-quarter inch bolt through there, tighten it all down until it's in place, and then tighten down your anti-swiveling plate to keep it from swiveling. With that totally installed, you can just take your ball mount, slide it into place, line the hitch pin holes up, slide your pin through, put your clip on there. There you go, and then you'll see that you're all ready to go, this will be attached to your ATV, and on the back you'd have all this attached, ready to go. That should do it for the review on Part Number C45029, the Curt ATV Towing Starter Kit. .

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