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WeatherTech Cargo Liner Review - 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe

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IReview of the WeatherTech Cargo Liner on a 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe

Today on this 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe we are going to install part number WT41306 from Weather Tech. This is their cargo liner. We are going to install this on the vehicle, the third row seating. If you notice about the Weather Tech floor liner, first off it is designed and engineered in the U.S.A. which is always good and these are custom molded to the vehicle itself using the companies exclusive rubberized resin and it actually covers the entire floor of your vehicle to keep dust and mud from getting in to the carpeting of the vehicle itself. 00:33

The product itself is created from three different layers. First off it has a solid inner core that helps keep its shape. The top layer is the part we all see that is textured and also has a slick surface to make cleaning it pretty easy. On the bottom half of it has a more grippy surface to keep it from sliding around in the vehicle. You can see all the Weather Tech floor mats have channels built in to them to help direct water flow down to the lowest point to help drain water and mud away from your shoes. It also helps to keep it away from the carpet of the vehicle. These are also available in three different colors which will be black, tan, and gray. 01:09

Lets install these in the vehicle and give you a better idea of how they get installed and how they look. On this particular mat to make room for a third row of seating this actually has what are called knock outs in the mats so you can cut them out so you can fit in your seating. Looking at the back of the vehicle we took the third row of seats out and you can see where they sit inside the vehicle. What is going to happen is the mat is going to sit around all of these plastic parts in the floor. Those will stay and then also cut out this section here for these parts also. Basically what we are going to do is you see this edge right here, this raised edge, this is going to over lap part of the plastic that is on the floor of the vehicle already. Basically we are going to take a sharp razor knife and just start scoring until you get all the way through. All right one down four to go. Repeat the same process on all of these knock outs here. A few minutes later and we have already got our parts cut out. Lets put it into the back of our Tahoe. You can see where we have got our cut out in the center section of the mat and you can see where it is going to lie against the plastic on the floor here. If you do notice and it is quite evident that this is sticking out right now, that is because it has been wrapped up in a box and sitting in a cold warehouse so it is naturally going to be kind of stiff still but give it an evening and a warm environment and it will fall into place and match the lines of the floor perfectly. At this point we can reinstall our seats. With that, that finishes our installation of part number WT41306 from Weather Tech. The cargo liner.

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