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Roadmaster Base Plate Installation - 2010 Honda Fit

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How to Install Roadmaster Base Plates on a 2010 Honda Fit

Today on this 2010 Honda Fit we are going to install a Roadmaster EZ Base Plate kit part number 521190-1 from Roadmaster. The first thing we need to do is take off the front bumper cover itself. It requires removing a bunch of fasteners on top of the grill, and a bunch of fasteners at the very bottom of the fascia underneath the vehicle. We will do the leading one on the edge right here. We will start popping them out with a screw driver first and use a rivet tool to pull out the rest, and work our way around. :33

On the way down to the bottom of the vehicle we will stop at the inside of the fender well here, and we need to remove a screw that is located right here. It is kind of hard to see, and the screwdriver is at an odd angle, not up and down. There is one on each side of the vehicle to remove. The fasteners we need to remove on the bottom are going to be these four screws right here. We will start with those first. And these four fasteners right here. And then these three right here. 1:42

At this point, if you have any fog lights that are installed on the vehicle into the bumper fascia you want to disconnect the wire to those. Other than that we can start removing the bumper fascia itself. There is a series of snaps along this edge here and underneath the head light also. We can pull back gently and kind of move it back and fourth and it will unsnap. You also want to have two people at this point to take the cover off, so you do not worry about taking it off and damaging it. The next step is we have to remove this bumper structure right here, this whole assembly is going to get unbolted from the three screws here and one on the backside here too. This whole assembly is going to come off and stay off and get replaced by the base plate itself. Now, I want to save these bolts because they are going to be reused on the installation of the base plate. We are going to leave a few threads in there to hold it up while we do the passenger side. We can start mounting the base plate now, what is going to happen is these tabs are going to go inside the frame. Then will will go ahead and run in our factory bolts, we will put in a thread locker to help keep the bolts singed down also. Just a little bit, it doesnt take much. We are going to run these in finger tight in case we have to move it around when we install our next set of bolts. We have our drivers side done, lets go ahead and repeat the same process back over on the passenger side. 3:44

Next we will go ahead and show you the opening where we are going to install our bolts for the frame bracket on the inside of the frame. Looking in the engine compartment right here, this is the hole we are going to use, we are going to use this half moon shaped washer, a lock washer, and a half inch bolt. Lets go ahead and thread everything together. Leave it loose so it will be easier to find and you can thread it into place. You want to have it where the half moon shape washer sits flat on the frame. Now that we have the drivers side done, lets go to the passenger side and do the same thing once more. With all our hardware loosely installed we can go ahead and tighten them down and torque them down as specified in the instructions. Back in the engine compartment, the bolts will be easiest to get to to snug them down by using a ratchet wrench. It might be easier to reach around on the inside here, there is an opening where you can get to the hardware. These four bolts here are 8 millimeter by 1.25 thread pitch. So you want to match that to the torque specifications on the instructions. 4:54

With everything torqued down we can go ahead and put our fascia back into place and get it tested to see if we need to cut anything out. Our instructions say we need to cut out some horizontal flats in here, but this vehicle does not seem to have it, it seems like it comes out right through the opening right here so we will go ahead and push our fascia all the way on and reinstall the fasteners. Next we will go ahead and install our safety cables. We are going to use this part right here, just like that, this will eventually get connected to the tow bar, and our bracket will fit into place. Put your safety pin or lock there. We will do the other side. Once that is set up then our base plates are ready to accept a tow bar. That will conclude the installation of part number 521190-1 from Roadmaster.

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