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Trailer Hitch Types Review

Custom Fit Trailer Hitch

Trailer Hitches come in a variety of different styles to meet a wide range of towing and cargo carrying needs. Following is a review of the main types of trailer hitches and their typical uses.

Hitch Types:

Trailer Hitch Receiver

The most common type of trailer hitch, also refers to "bumper pull" hitches. The standard hitch is a piece of steel that will typically bolt to the vehicle frame. They have a wide variety of uses. The most common include:

Trailer Hitch

These types of hitches come several different styles, but the majority of them are designated into classes ranging from I to V. The classes provide a guide for the two most important aspects of a trailer hitch: weight capacity and receiver opening size.

Trailer Hitch

If you would like to learn more, we have a review of hitch classes article and a hitch classes video.

Fifth Wheel Hitch

5th wheel

You may also be interested in our fifth wheel information article.

Gooseneck Hitch

Gooseneck Trailer Hitch

Front Mount Trailer Hitch

Front Mount Trailer Hitch

Front mount trailer hitches are a great accessory for carrying additional gear or equipment. They work well for use when launching boats, carrying a winch, spare tire, or bike rack.

Specialty Trailer Hitch

RV Bumper 2" Trailer Hitch Receiver

Specialty trailer hitches come in a wide variety of styles and are typically designed to meet a very specific need. They range from light duty, fixed tongue hitches that are intended for small vehicles that need to do light duty towing, to invisible hitches that are completely concealed from view, or heavy duty weld-on hitches for towing large trailers.

For more information about specialty trailer hitches, you can read our specialty trailer hitch review.



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