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Pewag Snox Pro Self-Tensioning Snow Tire Chains - Diamond Pattern - Square Link - 1 Pair

Pewag Snox Pro Self-Tensioning Snow Tire Chains - Diamond Pattern - Square Link - 1 Pair

Item # PWSXP560

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Pewag Chains - Diamond - PWSXP560
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  • Pewag
  • Chains - Diamond
  • Steel Square Link
  • Automatic
  • Drape Over Tire - No Connections
  • Rim Protection
  • Class S Compatible
  • On Road Only
  • Quick Release
These diamond-pattern, square-link chains provide excellent traction in snow and ice. Just loop the chains around your tires to install them, and they will automatically tighten as you drive away. Great for vehicles with limited wheel-well clearance. Lowest Prices for the best tire chains from Pewag. Pewag Snox Pro Self-Tensioning Snow Tire Chains - Diamond Pattern - Square Link - 1 Pair part number PWSXP560 can be ordered online at or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.

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Pewag Tire Chains - PWSXP560

These diamond-pattern, square-link chains provide excellent traction in snow and ice. Just loop the chains around your tires to install them, and they will automatically tighten as you drive away. Great for vehicles with limited wheel-well clearance.


  • Easy-to-install, self-tightening tire chains give you extra traction in snow and ice
  • Square links form cross chains
    • Great traction in snow
    • Excellent grip and stopping power on ice
    • Small link size contributes to a smooth ride
  • Diamond-pattern chains offer more tire coverage
    • Increased traction and stopping power when driving forward and during turns
  • Fast and easy installation with automatic tensioning
    • Simply pull the chains over your tires and they will automatically center and tighten as you drive
  • Quick-release latch makes it easy to loosen chains for removal
  • Nickel manganese alloy steel construction is durable and rust resistant
  • Plastic bumpers prevent scuffs or scratches on rims
  • SAE Class S chains are designed for vehicles with restricted wheel well clearance
  • Reusable storage case included


  • Fits: 14" - 19" tires (for exact sizes, see below)
  • Link thickness: 3.2 mm
  • Quantity: 2 chains
  • 90-Day warranty

Pewag Snox Pro tire chains install so easily, you'll be on the road in minutes. Just pull the chains onto your tires and the unique self-centering, self-tensioning system tightens automatically as long as your wheels are rolling. The tensioners release when the vehicle stops, making it easy to pull the chains off quickly when you reach dry pavement.

Installation of Pewag Snox Pro Self-Tensioning Snow Tire Chains

Grasp both ends of the red cord and pull outward to activate the self-tensioning system

1. Grasp both ends of the red cords on each side of the self-tensioning device and pull outward to activate.

Place the red self-tensioning system at the back of the tire and drape the chain along the face of the wheel to position the red bungee at the bottom of the tire

2. Position the red cord over the tire. Pull the cord to the back of the tire and tug the cord down, fitting it around the bottom of the tire.

3. Drive forward 1/4 of a tire revolution, keeping the wheels straight.

Once the bungee has been placed completely around the tire, pull on your assembly to make sure the chains are snug

4. Pull the rest of the chain around the tire so that the cross chains are positioned on top of the tire tread.

5. Repeat this process on the other tire.

6. Once the chains are properly positioned, drive forward. The Snox Pro chains will automatically tighten and center themselves as you drive. No manual adjustment is necessary.

7. The tensioners automatically disengage when the car comes to a stop. To remove the chains, you can simply pull them off or you can press the quick-release latch, which provides more slack in the chains to allow even faster removal.

Class S Designation

SAE Class S tire chains are designed for use on vehicles with restricted wheel well clearance. Certain newer cars, vans and small trucks, especially those with large, aftermarket tires, may require the use of Class S chains.

SAE Class S Clearance Diagram

These chains will fit your tires provided there is both:

  • A - a minimum of 1.46" (37 mm) between the top of the tire tread and the wheel well
  • B - at least 0.59" (15 mm) between the tire's sidewall and the vehicle itself

How to Choose Snow Chains for Your Vehicle

To choose the right snow chains, you must match your tire size. Those measurements can be found on the side of your tire, as shown below.

Tire size on sidewall


  1. (185) - indicates the width
  2. (60) - gives you the aspect ratio (sidewall height as percentage of width)
  3. (15) - denotes the diameter of the wheel rim in inches

SXP 560 Pewag Snox Pro Self-Tensioning Snow Tire Chains - Passenger Cars - 14" to 19" Tires - 1 Pair

PWSXP560 Installation InstructionsInstallation Details PWSXP560 Installation instructions

These chains fit the following tire sizes:

  • 195/80-15
  • 195/80-16
  • 205/70-16
  • 205/75-15
  • 205/80-14
  • 205/80-15
  • 215/55-17
  • 215/60-16
  • 215/60-17
  • 215/65-16
  • 215/70-15
  • 215/75-14
  • 215/80-14
  • 225/40-19
  • 225/45-18
  • 225/50-17
  • 225/55-16
  • 225/55-17
  • 225/60-16
  • 225/65-15
  • 235/40-18
  • 235/50-16
  • 235/50-17
  • 235/60-15
  • 245/40-18
  • 245/45-17
  • 245/50-16
  • 255/40-17

Video of Pewag Snox Pro Self-Tensioning Snow Tire Chains - Diamond Pattern - Square Link - 1 Pair

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Pewag Snox Pro Self-Tensioning Snow Tire Chains Review

Today, we're going to be taking a look at the Pewag Snox Pro series of self-tensioning snow tire chains. These offer a diamond pattern and square links. These come in a wide variety of sizes, available for many different applications. The Snox Pros are one of the easiest tire chains that I've come across to install that we've got. We basically just put them over the tire, drive forward, and they're going to tension themselves as we go. They've designed them using a very heavy duty manganese alloy.

We've got square links here that help to give us biting surfaces. You can see the diamond style pattern is going to give us superior coverage side to side. This helps us not only when we're going forward and back to give us traction, but also on turns. A great thing about the Snox Pro are these vinyl bumpers. These are your design, not illustrated so well on these application with my old rusty rim on my jeep. Let's say on my Suburban or something, it's got the nice larger, low-profile wheels with the chrome rims.

These are going to come down and make contact. A lot of them, the hooks can get in there and maybe do a little of scratching. These are already equipped with the bumpers. They go around to protect us from having to deal with that kind of issue. We've got a low-profile chain design that deal with those 2 very important things for us.

First it's going to give us a nice smooth ride. Also, this helps it gain the classification of a SAE class S chain, which is great when you have restricted wheel well clearances around, and you can't have one of the larger chains. The Snox Pros are going to come in a reusable carrying case. Inside, we're going to find everything we've need. We're going to have gloves. We've got the Snox Pro directions in here, also the Snox Pro warnings.

One very interesting thing about the directions, they're actually made on a plastic, like a fishing map is, to keep it from getting wet. We can pull this out, lay it on the ground in the snow. We're not going to have to worry about it deteriorating. On each side, as you can see here, we've got a pocket. That's going to hold our Snox Pro in place in, and they're very compact. You can keep that in your account year around, not that you've needed, but you wouldn't have to worry about taking it out, forgetting it, and leave it on the garage. Now we're going to show you how to get you chains installed on your vehicle. Step 1, get them out of the package. We want to find the larger Pewag Snox bracket there. We'll grab the bumpers on each side. We're going to pull and wrap that around the back side of our car. We want the chain to be on the outside of the red cable. Let's keep that in mind as we put it on. This goes right down in the rim, bring those out to the front side just like that. You just keep working it down around. As far as the manual labor goes, we're done. In most situations, you're just going to drive forward about 100 yards slowly. These are going to tension on your vehicle for you very nicely. In our situation, we're just going to roll the jeep forward. You'll see it's going to snap on around there. At this point, we want to take the opportunity to bring the other portion on around to the back side of our tire. We can help it a little bit, but as we drive, that's going to center out nicely. We won't have any issues to deal with. As you can see, just rolling it back and forth 20 feet really helped out with getting that centered. You can imagine how going down the high way a little bit further would really get it locked in nicely. For removal, we're simply going to press the red button. It allows our clip here to spread out. That's going to give us the slack we need to now pull the Snow Pros on off of the tire here. Pull them out to the side, and then we'll just drive forward off of them. Collect them and them back in the package, and use them next time we have a storm. That will complete today's look at the Pewag Snox Pro Series and self-tensioning snow tire chains. .

Customer Reviews

Pewag Snox Pro Self-Tensioning Snow Tire Chains - Diamond Pattern - Square Link - 1 Pair - PWSXP560

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (24 Customer Reviews)

These diamond-pattern, square-link chains provide excellent traction in snow and ice. Just loop the chains around your tires to install them, and they will automatically tighten as you drive away. Great for vehicles with limited wheel-well clearance.

- PWSXP560
Chevrolet Colorado

Got the shipment in great time. Won't know how the units work until the winter... probably in Colorado going over one of the high passes. 289778

- PWSXP560

Product is obviously of extreme high quality. I believe I will be very happy with the performance as well (we haven't used them yet). I expect the installation to be as simple as shown in the video(s). 447247

- PWSXP560
2001 Lexus LS 430

I mounted my Pewag Snow Chains (PWSXP560) today on a dry run. I was very impressed with the method of installation, as well as the ease of taking them off. I purchased them because of a very bad experience I had with chains previously. I was very uncomfortable driving in conditions that would require chains. With these chains I have confidence in using them should conditions require them. 469946

- PWSXP560
1996 Chevrolet Corvette

I drive a 1996 Corvette and have for the past 20 years - year round. And that makes driving near impossible in Connecticut winters and hilly terrains. Until I got my Pewag chains. When the snow accumulates, on go my Pewags and away I go. Snow covered roads, no problem, up and down hills, no problem. I can put my Pewags on both tires in less than ten minutes and I am good to go. Great product! I highly recommend Pewag chains. 460614

- PWSXP560

Fast service. Excellent follow up. 472142

- PWSXP560

Fit snugly. Will be a little difficult in the snow but with a pair of gloves on it is doable. The red plastic rim protectors would protect rim from metal on metal contact. However, with my M-sport rims and Pirelli Cinturato P7 tires, the red plastic doesn't even come into contact with the rim due to the extended lip of the tire...but this does mean that the chain touches the outside surface of the tire--see pics. A little off putting scarring the sticky looking surface of the tire...but it is inevitable. On the inside of the wheel/tire, my concern was contact with the knuckle, strut, end link, stabilizer, etc. It does get close to the stabilizer end link, but doesn't pictures are shown before self centering while the spacing to end link would only get greater as I installed in worst case scenario to compare. 476858

- PWSXP560

Received chains today and put them on the wheels in the comfort of warm garage. It was relatively easy process. I expect it to be similar on the cold road. 461214

- PWSXP560

The chains are excellent, very quick to get on and off and they got me through the snow and ice with no problems. I definitely recommend these! 616207

- PWSXP560
2017 Kia Niro

Very pleased with the fit and ease of installation. Met my expectations. 469812

- PWSXP560
2017 Kia Niro

Very pleased with the fit and ease of installation. Met my expectations. 469811

- PWSXP560
2003 Toyota Camry

I haven't used them yet but they look like what I wanted. Customer Service was very helpful and quick to respond. 235430

- PWSXP550

Review from a similar Pewag Snox Pro in Tire Chains

The good news: I have not needed to use them so far this year! They are in the trunk just in case. I am happy I just have a set of quality chains, IF and when I need them. BTW, these guys are heavy! They could be boat anchors. Thanks, Rick 467721

- PWSXP570

Review from a similar Pewag Snox Pro in Tire Chains

Purchased these chains for a trip to the snow and for future use after buying a new vehicle. The chains were received promptly in a well designed carrying case, with a mat, gloves, and instructions for mounting the chains. I haven't had to use them = a Subaru Forester is a great AWD vehicle and handled some pretty dicey conditions with no issue - but carry them and feel confident I can mount and dismount them quickly. Instructions are clear and simple to follow. 352746


Still havent used them but they are a great security blanket

Clifford R - 03/14/2018


- PWSXP550

Review from a similar Pewag Snox Pro in Tire Chains

I am from Austria. I used Pewag snow chains all my life. These are easy to mount, very easy actually. Highly recommend! 162678

- PWSXP570

Review from a similar Pewag Snox Pro in Tire Chains

Haven't had to use them. Bought them because I had crappy stock tires on my AWD Subaru, got these specifically so that if I did have to use them they would not scratch my premium wheels. I now have better tires, probably won't ever need them but have them just in case chain control is absurd. 303722

- PWSXV570

Review from a similar Pewag Snox Pro in Tire Chains

Arrived on time, your sizing info was right on and they are very easy to install. Best chain install design I have used. Headed to Wyoming in Feb and will try to send a real world review after the trip 591275

- PWSXP570

Review from a similar Pewag Snox Pro in Tire Chains

We are very pleased with the high quality of the tire chains. We haven't needed to use them yet but are confident they will work well. 575922

- PWSXP570

Review from a similar Pewag Snox Pro in Tire Chains

This company, etrailer, definitely understands customer service. Answered my calls on Sunday, also did two follow up calls one before item was shipped and one after the item was shipped as well as a follow up email. Help with expediting my order. Will order from etrailer again. It's all about service when you can buy an item from other suppliers. This company defines service. That's rare today. 338247

- PWSXP570

Review from a similar Pewag Snox Pro in Tire Chains

I have just purchased these chains for my 2015 forester. In trying them out in my warm driveway, I have some observations. 1. First of all, it is great to not have to close some link in the back of the tire when installing chains...YAY!. 2. The carrying case is nice but was missing one zipper tab 3. In putting them on, the bungee cord is not that easy to stretch so the installer will need some arm strength to get it into place. 4. Once on, they were easy to get off. Overall, I like them 574963

- PWSXV580

Review from a similar Pewag Snox Pro in Tire Chains

Three stars only because I need snow to evaluate their performance. The chains apear to be of very high quality materials again how they hold up to use will be determined this winter. The purchase experience with etrailer was very good five stars for the whole experience. 294612

- PWSXP550

Review from a similar Pewag Snox Pro in Tire Chains

Product boasts being perfectly easy to pop on and roll away but the bungie is rather stiff and somewhat difficult to pull to the back of your tires. Once you DO get the red cable to the back, you need to perfectly align the chains to the top surface (treads) of your tire; otherwise, the bungie will pull and tear, ultimately breaking the chains inside of them. That said, I do still recommend this product - when properly installed, they are very sturdy and get me out of my steep driveway like a champ. I also highly recommend etrailer (their customer service is awesome and they are very understanding when it comes to product flaws or user errors). 629515

- PWSXV580

Review from a similar Pewag Snox Pro in Tire Chains

I was concerned about using chains not prescribed by Volvo when I read forums about what chains to use. I purchased these with the hope that I would not have to find out if they were the right chains. It snowed heavily in Tahoe and I had to use them on my AWD XC70. They were perfect. The chains did not cause a problem with the lack of clearance in the front wheel well. Putting them on took some strength to stretch the bungee around the tire. Taking them off was completely easy. I would recommend these. The price is high, but worth it for the peace of mind that I won't damage my car's front steering or suspension. 620019

- PWSXP570

Review from a similar Pewag Snox Pro in Tire Chains

Very good chain. Loved it. 582003

- PWSXP570

Review from a similar Pewag Snox Pro in Tire Chains

I am very satisfied with these snow chains, made in Austria, super high quality, self tensioned .e trailer rocks like always. Thank you very much! 334810


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  • What are the Differences Between the Pewag Snox Pro and the Pewag Servo RS
  • The Pewag Snox Pro part # PWSXP560 and the Pewag Servo RS part # PWRS75 are both excellent tire chains. They have several similarities but also a few key differences. I have created an itemized list of these similarities and differences for you below, similar to a comparison chart. Servo RS: - Drape Over Tire - Make Connections - Steel Square Link - Diamond Links - Rim Protection - Class S Compatible Snox Pro: - Drape Over Tire - No Connections - Steel Square Link - Diamond...
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  • Fit of Pewag Snox Pro Self-Tensioning Tire Snow Chains on 225/50-17 Tires on 2007 BMW 530i
  • The Pewag Snox Pro # PWSXP560 self-tensioning snow chains you referenced are compatible with the 225/50-17 tires used on your 2007 BMW 530i. The chains are Class S rated, which means that they extend less than 15mm to the inside of the tire, so suspension and brake components won't be damaged. Many car manufacturers specify that chains must be Class S rated. Before using snow chains, be sure to consult your owners manual and abide by any prohibitions or advice BMW provides. I'd recommend...
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  • What Snow Tire Chains Are Recommended For A 2009 Ford Taurus SEL FWD
  • Before buying snow tire chains you will want to check your owners manual or with the Ford dealer if you can install snow tire chains on your 2009 Ford Taurus SEL-FWD, or if there are any limitations. If you have the 215/60R17 tire size on your 2009 Ford Taurus SEL-FWD the Pewag Snox Pro Self-Tensioning Snow Tire Chains # PWSXP560 are an excellent choice. They are self-centering and auto-tensioning chains that are simple to install. They are SAE Class S chains which means they are designed...
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  • Fitment of Tire Chains on a 2009 Hyundai Sonata
  • According to your owners manual, tire chains should be installed on just the front wheels. The Pewag Chains # PWSXP560 you were looking at have a great diamond pattern which is very helpful with traction side to side as well as front to back, but take quite the effort to install especially in a snowy situation. I've linked an install video for you to see how these are mounted for your convenience. If it were me I would go with the Thule Self-Tensioning Low-Pro Tire Chains # TH04115097....
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