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Putco Plasma 921 LED Bulbs Installation - 2002 Toyota Tacoma

Today on our 2002 Toyota Tacoma, well be installing the Putco Plasma 921 LED bulbs, part number p240921w-360. Well lower the tailgate to gain access to the two bolts that hold our taillights in place here on the passenger side. Well go ahead and loosen those up, remove our tail lights and well be switching out the reverse bulb here at the very bottom. Well go ahead and twist it counterclockwise and pull it out of its position. Now, when handling the new LED bulb, we want to be sure not to get any oil from our skin onto the bulb. Well be using a shop towel to handle the new LED bulb.

Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2002 Toyota Tacoma

Alright on this 2002 Toyota Tacoma, we're going to install product number 118379 from Tow Ready. Alright, first thing we have to do is go ahead and remove the tail lights. Right now we'll go ahead and disconnect the tail light from the harness. Alright, we're doing the passenger's side, let's go over to the driver side and repeat the same process. Over here on the driver's side we'll go ahead and take our 4-pole wire and we'll strap it at the bottom, alright. And we'll do the same thing for the T-Connector with the red and green wire.

2002 Toyota Tacoma Questions and Answers

  • What Suspension Kit to Correct Sagging Rear End on 2002 Toyota Tacoma During Occasional Towing
  • As you noted there are several different types of rear axle suspension enhancement products for your 2002 Toyota Tacoma: air-springs, rubber bump-stop springs and helper leaf springs such as the Super Springs # SSA18. Air-spring kits are more complex to install and require regular checks to maintain their required minimum pressure, but offer adjust-ability to suit changing tow and cargo loads. Rubber springs are not adjustable but do offer progressive resistance as the load increases, are re
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  • Which Trailer Hitches Will Fit a 2002 Toyota Tacoma
  • If you have trailer hitch # 87579 it will fit the following vehicles: 1995 - 1997 Toyota Tacoma 4-Wheel Drive models 1998 - 2004 Toyota Tacoma All Models This particular hitch does not go back to the 1989 model year. The 2 hitches that do fit the 1989 Toyota pickup will not fit a 2002 Tacoma. I have included a link to the trailer hitches that do fit the 2002 Toyota Tacoma. I have also included a video and instruction links for trailer hitch # 87579. If you plan on doing some towing I
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  • Will the Swagman Truck Bed Bike Rack fit in a 2002 Toyota Tacoma
  • The Swagman Pick-Up Truck-Bed Mounted Bike Carrier # S64702 that you referenced should work in the bed of your 2002 Toyota Tacoma as it is designed to fit nearly all compact and full-size truck beds. You could measure your truck bed to be certain though. This product is adjustable from 52 inches to 69 inches. If you find that the distance between your bed rails fits in this range this product will work well for you. For a lock you could get a DeadBolt Lock part # CAB-10. I attached install
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  • How to Hardwire a Trailer Brake Controller on a 2002 Toyota Tacoma
  • The 2002 Toyota Tacoma requires a hardwire installation for a brake controller. The problem you are most likely running into on the 7-Way you are trying to install is that you either have not connected a 4-Way to the 7-Way you have or you have not connected all the loose wires. If you need a 4-Way, you can use # 118379. I have included a link to the installation details and a link to a video showing a typical installation. Once you have the 4-Way connected to the 7-Way adapter, you will st
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  • Hidden Hitch Recommendation for a 2002 Toyota Tacoma
  • I think that your best bet would be to install a hitch that installs onto the frame of your 2002 Toyota Tacoma, like a Hidden Hitch Trailer Hitch Receiver # 87579. Not only will you have a much higher towing capacity, you will not have to make any permanent modifications to your vehicle bumper that might void the warranty of the vehicle. I attached installation instructions and a review video for this product for you to check out also. To complete your towing setup you may be interested in
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  • Reasons for 1 Hour 10 Minute Install Time for the CURT Hitch # 13013 on a 2002 Toyota Tacoma
  • There are actually 6 bolts connecting the CURT trailer hitch # 13013, to the frame on the 2002 Toyota Tacoma, and the factory bumper will need to be removed and reinstalled to complete the installation. This will require disconnection and reconnection of the license plate light wiring, and correctly repositioning the rear bumper to complete the installation. Although the installation requires 1hr 10min to complete this is not a difficult installation to undertake. One tip I can offer is to us
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  • Bumper Mount Trailer Hitch Recommendation for a 2002 Toyota Tacoma
  • The CURT Bumper Hitch, # E-3S, would be a good choice. Make sure to check the dimensions of the hitch against the space on the bumper to ensure fit. The dimensions are shown on the last two pictures on the product page. If you do not have the holes present on the bumper you will need to drill. I have included a link to the installation details for you. The other option is to install a frame mount trailer hitch. The most popular frame mount hitch for a 2002 Toyota Tacoma is Hidden Hitch # 8757
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  • Installation Details For Hidden Hitch Trailer Hitch # 87579 on 2002 Toyota Tacoma
  • The bumper on your 2002 Toyota Tacoma does not need to be removed to install the Hidden Hitch Trailer Hitch, part # 87579. You will only need to loosen the flange nuts that attach to the bumper and then install reinforcement brackets and use the new hardware as shown in the instructions. To complete your towing setup, you may be interested in the following items: Draw-Tite Ball Mount, part # 2923 T-One Vehicle Wiring Harness, part # 118379 1-7/8 Inch Hitch Ball, part # 19260 2 Inch Hitch
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  • Where to Install the Derale Transmission Cooler Kit # D13503 on a 2002 Toyota Tacoma
  • The Derale Series 8000 Plate-Fin Transmission Cooler Kit, part # D13503, would be a great fit for your 2002 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 3.4L towing a 3,500-lb travel trailer. You will want to measure to make sure you have enough room for the 11 inch wide x 8-3/4 inch tall x 7/8 inch deep heat exchanger to fit in front of the A/C condenser. This is the most efficient location for a transmission cooler. Ideally you want the transmission fluid to be between 160 and 200 degrees for the best operation and l
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  • How Many Racks Come with Bully Adjustable Ladder Rack for Full-Size and Compact Trucks, # CG-902
  • I spoke with my contact at Pilot and he stated that the Bully Adjustable Ladder Rack for Full-Size and Compact Trucks, # CG-902, does include a pair of racks like you see in the first picture on the product page. Just one of the racks can be used if desired as shown in the second picture.
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  • Will a Bed Extender Transfer from a 2002 Toyota Tacoma to a 2007 Toyota Tacoma
  • All of the Bed Extenders that we carry (see link) are compatible with the 2002 and the 2007 Toyota Tacoma. If you have a bed extender from a different manufacturer it may or may not fit depending on how that manufacturer mounts their extender in the bed of the truck.
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  • Recommended Weight Distribution System for a 2002 Toyota Tacoma
  • First off, you will need to make sure that your hitch is rated for use with weight distribution. Some of the hitches for your 2002 Toyota Tacoma cannot be used with a WD system. IF you need a hitch that can be used with a WD system, I recommend the Hidden Hitch Trailer Hitch, # 87579. I have included a link to the installation instructions below. For a weight distribution system, I recommend the Reese Round Bar Strait-Line Hitch with Shank, # 66086. This system has a tongue weight capacity ra
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  • Parts Needed to Install Valley Odyssey Brake Controller, Part # 52810 on a 2002 Toyota Tacoma
  • You have hit the nail on the head regarding the necessary equipment. Getting 2 to 3 years out of a wiring harness is not unheard if. As with all electronics, they have a limited lifespan. You will want to examine the wiring on the trailer you pulled before, to check for pinched or broken wires that might have shorted out to the trailer frame and fried the converter box. Unfortunately, your Tacoma is not prewired for the 7-way connector or the brake controller. The good news is that if you
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  • What does the Black Converter Box Do on the 118379 Wiring Kit for a 2002 Toyota Tacoma Pickup
  • The converter box will convert your vehicles taillight system from a 5 wire system with the separate amber turn signals down to a 4 wire system which is needed to properly operate the trailers lighting system.
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  • Transmission Cooling Fan for a 2002 Toyota Tacoma Prerunner
  • The Derale Series 8000 Plate-Fin Transmission Cooler, part # D13502, will work with your existing fan. This being said, an aftermarket radiator fan would increase airflow, and would not be a bad idea. If you are planning on doing a lot of towing in stop and go traffic, I would strongly recommend upgrading the fan.
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