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Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2002 Ford Windstar

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How to Install a Trailer Wiring Harness on a 2002 Ford Windstar

Today on this 2002 Ford Windstar we are going to be installing wiring harness part number 118366. We are here at the rear cargo area of the Windstar, we want to locate the ports that we need to plug our wiring harness into. These ports are located directly behind the tail light assembly on both the driver and passenger sides. The first thing we are going to do is remove the tail light assemblies. To do that we have two Phillips head screws at the top of the tail light that we are going to remove. With those two sides removed we also need to release this inside clips that are holding the tail light assembly on. There is one on the outboard side and one on the inboard side at the bottom. And then starting on the passenger side, we are going to start plugging the harness in line. On the passenger side we are actually going to be using two of the plug ins here. Using the top one and the middle one. If you look at the harness you can see on the short side of it you actually have two sets of connectors that are color coordinated to match the connectors on the vehicle. 1:09

We want to go ahead and disconnect the connector on the tail light. You want to pull back on the two tabs on the outside, be careful not to break them though. Then we will take our harness and plug it in line. The two connectors here that we are using to connect to the vehicle side of the harness are both black, so you want to make sure, from the gray one we will follow through that this is the one that needs to connect to the gray connector on the vehicle, the one that is connected to the black, follow it around and this is the one that is going to connect to the black connector on the vehicle. The next thing to do is to take and start routing our drivers side connector, which is the one with the yellow wire here. You can actually route it over to the drivers side tail light one of two ways. You can route it to the outside of the vehicle, where you can hide it behind the fascia, or you can take and cut the grommet here, route it inside the vehicle and take it across that way. 2:17

The four-pole is also going to be routed through the grommet. It will be stored in our jack storage compartment, which is on the backside of our tail light here. I am going to take a flat head screw driver and pop that grommet out. Then I will take a pair of cutters and cut a slit into the grommet here so we can route our wires through it. Its not a bad idea to go ahead and cut out a part of the grommet, just to ensure that the wires do not get pinched when you route them through. Another thing I want to make mention of is when you are making all your runnings you want to make sure that you are run all the wires up and over this cross member here. If you accidentally route it underneath, when you put your tail light assembly back on it could possibly pinch the wire. I am going to go ahead and take and start routing take my driver side connector through. Then I will take the four-pole end of the harness and do the same thing. With those routed through, we can go ahead and put the grommet back into place. We have a a couple more things to do on the passenger side. You can see we have a red and blue wire, both with butt connectors. We need to take the blue wire here and connect it to the large lead of black wire that comes with the wiring harness kit and that will be our power source, we will take and route it underneath the vehicle and up to the positive side of the battery. To make the connection we want to take and strip back the jacketing on the black wire. Insert it in the butt connector and crimp our connection down. It is a good idea to add some electrical tape around that connection. Then we will take the other end and feed it through this small opening in the body of the bumper and that is going to allow us to get underneath our vehicle to make our run. The red wire with a butt connector is actually an accessory lead for a booster if needed. We do not need it so we are going to tape that off. 4:12

Okay, we actually want to take the white wire, its our ground wire, its got a ring terminal on it, and ground it to the metal on back side of the tail light here. We are going to screw it down here so it does not interfere with any wires. Finally, over here on the passenger side, we want to take the power converter box here and adhere it to the inside. Again, you can see we have double sided tape on the back so we can mount it anywhere in here, we probably want to go as low as possible to make sure we clear the tail light assembly. You can see this vehicle is pretty dirty so we want to clean an area off first before we attempt to adhere it. With the box adhered we can go ahead and put the tail light assembly back on. Next we will move to the inside of the vehicle over here on the passenger side, you can see through the jack storage compartment, we have got our driver side connector as well as our four- pole end. Next we want to route the driver side connector over, to do so we need to remove some interior screws. These two holders here and the rear threshold piece. To remove the threshold piece and the interior walls we are going to be using a rivet removal tool. If you do not have one of these available you can use a flat head screwdriver. You want to get in there and release the clips that are holding it into position. With the panel pulled back I am going to take and feed our connector behind there. Then we can move over to the tail light grommet here on the drivers side and pop that out. Again, we want to put a little cut into that as well and feed it through. Then we want to take a disconnect the top connector here on the tail light assembly. Then we need to take our connector and plug it in line. Again, I am going to take the connector and route it over the cross member. Make sure we have our wire inside our groove in the grommet, and put the grommet back into place. Then we can go ahead and reinstall the driver side tail light assembly. Next we will come back inside the vehicle and start putting our pieces back together. You will see that the yellow wire is tight, there is not a whole lot of excess there, but it should be enough for you to take and route it down and tuck it under the carpeting here. You can see with everything reinstalled that this yellow wire sits right in line with this groove in the carpeting. 6:56

With the interior panel reinstalled we are going to go underneath the vehicle now and route our black wire up to the front of the vehicle. When routing the wire you want to make sure you avoid any hot spots or pinch points that could damage the wire. Now that we are up underneath the engine compartment we are going to take a light gauge piece of wire and route it up from near the battery and down through the engine compartment so that I can just take my wire and tape it to it, and help use it pull it up into place. Now we are up underneath the hood compartment. You can see we have our black wire routed over here towards the positive terminal of the battery. What we are going to need to do is to add in line this fuse holder that is provided with the installation kit and then just cut this lead in half. The one end is going to connect directly to the positive terminal, and the other will connect to the black wire here. For the battery connection we are going to use the provided ring terminal, and to make the connection with our black wire we are going to use the provided butt connector. Again, we want to tape up the connection point. Take and remove the nut off the positive terminal over here and add our connection. Finally, we want to take our 10 amp fuse that is provided with our kit and it into the fuse holder. And then we are done. We want to go ahead and tie up any excess wire you may have with the cable ties that are included in the installation kit. From there our installation is complete. We are going to go over how to use your harness once it is finally installed. The four-pole is going to stay inside the jack storage compartment when you are not using it, when you are ready to use it take and pull it out the rear cargo door and go ahead and close the door on it, you do not have to worry about it being pinched, the weather stripping will prevent that from happening. With that, that will conclude the installation of wiring harness part number 118366 on a 2002 Ford Windstar.

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