Tow Ready Universal 4-Pole Mounting Bracket Review

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Review of the Tow Ready Universal 4-Pole Mounting Bracket

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Tow Ready 4-Flat Universal Mounting Bracket, part number 118149. This is a bracket mount that's going to clamp around your four-way connector and zip tie around your trailer hitch or vehicle bumper to provide a sturdy fixed location for your wiring. Here's what our four-pole bracket's going to look like once we get it installed. It's a nice clean look. Everything's provided that we'll need to get it mounted in place here. It's just going to give us secure location.

In this case, kind of tucked in a way a little bit to keep it maybe out of some of the elements and things like that. Now when ready for use, all you have to do is just pull your cap off the end there. Easy to do. When you're done, just slide your cap back on. Clean up the look of the truck so we don't have the wires hanging down here and running the risk of potentially hanging those on something or dragging them down the road. Now to do our installation, we're going to find our four-pole trailer connector.

As you can see, the reason we use something like this bracket is right now we just kind of get it twisted and spun around here. There's not a lot of rhyme or reason to how we can connect this. What we're going to be able to do is mount this up here in a nice secure location. We don't have to worry about this hanging down and potentially getting snagged on something or maybe bouncing down the road behind us, which I'm sure somebody has seen. And then it just kind of grinds off the end of it ...

so gets it up nice, high and secure. Now to install, we'll take our top side. This is going to be the side that's got the grooves that run down. Those are going to space our wires. As you can see our dust cap, the cover for that, it's got a little notch for it to fit into. Bring in the lower portion of our cover.

That's going to click in the two notches up there and we'll bring it around and click it in here on the other side, just like that. Now let's bring in our Philip screws. We'll tighten those down. These screws are provided for you so you won't have to worry about having them or supplying them. You see how there's still a little wiggle and a little play on our plug here To cure that, we've got a set of screw right here at the bottom, and then you'll see nice good solid mounting position there. All we have to do is determine where we want it to be positioned. We have two long zip ties which are going to be provided. We want those to go right up through the slots in the plug. We go around our hitch. It's going around when we started then we'll tighten them both down. Now they're good and secure. Let's just trim off our excess here in the zip ties. Now this is going to leave us with a little bit of excess four-pole wire, so what we'll do is just bring it over. Just kind of gather it up right there on top of the hitch and we'll use a zip tie. This one was not provided. The other two were, this one was not. We'll use that to just kind of keep that nice and bundled up there, out of the way. And that's going to do it for our Tow Ready 4-Flat Universal Mounting Bracket, part number 118149. .

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