Rear View Safety Wireless Rear View Camera System Review

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Review of the Rear View Safety Wireless Rear View Camera System

Speaker 1: Today we're gonna be taking a look, and showing how to install, the Rear View Safety wireless backup camera system, part number RVS-155W.This wireless camera system is gonna give you third eye when all on your camper, enclosed trailer, or fifth wheel. This is gonna allow you to see traffic behind you, as well as give you wide view of both sides, which will assist with turning and other driving maneuvers.It's gonna be a seven inch monitor with a five inch display. When you select your menu button, you get the options to control brightness, contrast, volume, and guidelines. The volume setting can be useful if you have an additional assistance backing up with somebody guiding you in, you can hear their directions clearly. Also included is an adjustable stand. You've got a suction cup here, which will attach to any smooth surface or windshield.

You've got an option for telescoping, and for pivoting. The display wirelessly connects to your camera, attached to the rear of whatever you're hauling. It features 18 infrared LEDs to provide nighttime vision. The camera provides 130 degree view, and is adjustable on the mount and also has an adjustable sun and rain cover. The housing on the camera is sealed to keep out water and other elements.The system has a 70 foot range, which is more than enough for your long campers and trailers.

Another nice feature of it being wireless is there's no additional connections when disconnecting or reconnecting your trailer.Now we'll demonstrate its usefulness when backing up. As you can see here, I was able to back up closely to the vehicle behind me, to maximize the space when you're out on the campgrounds, or whatever. Or if you're gonna flat tow your vehicle, it can help you get lined up to hook up your flat tow set up.Now that we've gone over some of the features, let's show you how to get it installed. Now, your application's gonna be different, as all RV setups are different, but this will give you a general idea of what you'll need to do to get it up.For our first step, we're gonna need to determine where we're gonna mount the camera. We're gonna be mounting ours at about this location.

This is high enough to give you a good vantage point of everything behind you, and prevent it from being obstructed. Once you find a suitable location for your camera, you'll need to drill some holes so you can mount your camera using the included hardware. Now, for demonstration purposes, we just stuck ours with some double sided tape.For the next step, you need to run the power wires from the battery on your RV up to the service connector right here. When rounding your wire back towards the camera, it's best to follow factory circuits and cavities, so that way you have the least intrusion possible and there's gonna be the cleanest path for you to go. Ring terminals and wire by the foot can be found on our website.Now that we've ran our wires almost all the way to the rear of the vehicle, we're gonna go ahead and connect it to the service connector that will quick connect up to your camera.

This is provided, and is about four feet. Just connect your powers and grounds, and then we'll run it up to the camera and we'll hook it all up and be ready to go.We've got our wire run up here. As mentioned before, we didn't drill any holes for demonstration purposes. We'll go ahead and get it connected, and if you had drilled holes, you would take your grommet here, and you go ahead and poke it in the vehicle, along with the rest of your wiring to keep that up out of the way and hidden.Now we're ready to plug in our monitor and check it out. Now, we have two options to power our monitor. You can use the included cigarette lighter connector, or a more permanent battery connection. This way it can be routed and hidden out of sight. We're gonna go ahead and use the cigarette lighter for our application here. Now that we're all powered up, let's just hit the on button, and there it is. We already have our image because of the instant pair technology.Now we've brought in our product expert, Mike, to give us a little bit more information on this system. So, Mike, this system here, what kind of customers, what are they hauling that's looking for this Mike: Well, customers who have fifth wheel trailers like this one, travel trailers, RVs, will benefit greatly from having a backup camera like this one. Speaker 1: How does this product compare with our other rear view systems Mike: This particular one has a wireless design. That's really easy to install compared to some of the hardwired ones. Any kind of backup camera is going to give you more visibility and anybody who's towed a trailer or driven an RV can tell you that that is definitely a plus. You don't need os many spotters, like people standing around outside, but if you did, this one has a mic on it and you can actually hear somebody talking to you, should you need a spotter.The weatherproof design is always good. This particular one is IP69K rated, which is really good. It keeps out dust and moisture.Some of the things, though, to look out for with these are the systems can be a little expensive, so for the budget-friendly person, you might want to look, do a little shopping around. With the wireless systems especially, they are subjective to interference like any wireless device. So, just be aware of that. Maybe do some tests in your neighborhood or something to make sure it's working fine.Mounting locations for the camera and the monitor, may not be able to put it exactly where you want. It just depends on the design of the RV or trailer you're putting it on. Speaker 1: Okay. All right, thanks Mike. Thanks for coming out and giving us a hand here with some of the finer details with this product. Mike: No problem. Speaker 1: That completes our look and installation of the Rear View Safety wireless backup camera system, part number RVS-155W.

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