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Powerbuilt Digital Torque Adapter Review

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Review of the Powerbuilt Digital Torque Adapter

What's up everybody, it's AJ with Today, we're gonna be checking out these Powerbuilt Torque Adapters, and now they're going to be a 3/8 version and a 1/2 inch version. And what happens is you put this adapter on your ratchet and it makes it a torque wrench. That way you have the rating for your foot-pounds right here, it's got a read out here so whether you're replacing a spare tire or putting a hitch on, you can see a reading about where you are. The difference between these are the 3/8 one is going to have a torque rating from 19.9 all the way up to 99.6 foot-pounds. Now the 1/2 inch one is going to have a torque rating of 29.5 all the way up to 147.6 foot-pounds.

Taking a closer look at it, the adapter, this is going to be the power button here, so that turns it on and off. Now it does have an automatic shut off after 80 seconds, so if you're not using it and you set it down and forget about it, it shuts off, that way it doesn't waste the battery. Now there's a few different settings you can do. There's the plus and minus at the bottom, that's where you can adjust the torque rating wherever you want to put it, or wherever the instructions tell you to put it. You can adjust it there, that way it'll let you know when you get close to there.

They got peak and trace up here, that's the modes for this adapter. So peak is going to let you know when you hit that number that you set there, so if you're reaching in and you can't really see it it'll sound the beep, and then when I, let's say I was going in here in the wheel well, and I pulled it back out, it would still be flashing that number so I'd know what I just hit and was like, "Oh, okay, I got it." Now, if we went for trace mode, it's just going to read it in real time so if I was torquing this right here, I'd have it on, that'd be going and it'll tell me in real time as I'm torquing it what the number's going to be. So that's if you can get eyes on it, it's probably better for that mode. Now I've already showed you how you can adjust that up and down with the plus and minus, just going over that one more time. And then wherever you want to put it, you can hit the memory button and it stores up to 50 of the last torques you used, so that's letting us know that that's what was the last one we did.

And then to change the measurement, so we're on foot-pounds right now, you could hit memory and trace, and you see the arrow is going to move along the top to show you all these different measurements up there. Another thing I wanted to point out when you're adjusting the torque setting, you could go one at a time, that's going to take a little bit, but you can hold down, it'll go way quicker that way to get to where you want. We want to be 85, so just back it up now, and now it's set. Now we're getting ready to torque down the lug nut, got it set for 85 pounds. There's gonna be two beeps.

There's one beep when we're within 20% of our foot-pounds we set, and then the second one is gonna be a higher pitch beep letting us know it's torqued fully. So let's go ahead and put it to the test. There we go. Comparing it to the torque wrenches we use around here for hitches and stuff in the base, this one's going to be a little bit off, it's not as accurate as this, but I think this is still going to be a good thing to have just in case of emergency. So if you do have to replace a tire, let's say you have a blowout, you're putting the spare on, you want to make sure that it's torqued down so you can get to the shop to get it fixed. So it wouldn't hurt to have this to at least be able to do that and know you're in range somewhere of it's tight enough I have the confidence I can go on the highway or I can get on the road. Another nice thing about it is it comes with the carrying case, that way it's just not lose in your toolbox or in the back of your vehicle. It seems nice and heavy duty. We also have this tool here, you can put this on the end, just like that, and then you'd put that in a vice and you could attach another torque bar to it, to see if the readings match up or not, you can use it to help calibrate an existing torque bar. Definitely going to be one of those good things to have sitting around because a lot of things we do around here, they have in the instructions specific torque settings. And if you don't have one of these, you have no idea if you're even close to that, so I'd rather have one of these around. So I can use it on my trailer, a hitch, or even replacing a tire, this is going to come in handy. Well, thanks for hanging out, and I hope this helped..

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