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Performance Tool Portable Locking Storage Box Review

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Review of the PPerformance Tool Portable Locking Storage Box

What's up everybody it's AJ with Today, we're gonna be checking out this lock box that goes underneath the seat in your vehicle from Performance Tools, you can either mount it down there. There's a sleeve on the outside that will mount in place underneath your seat. That way it's not going anywhere. And you can still pull that box out and take it with you wherever you need it to lock up your wallet, your keys, or anything you might want to find valuable, and you want it locked up tight. Let's check it out.

Now I mentioned you can mount it underneath your seat but there is another option actually, you can use the cable lock, and you can see it's down here just wrapped around the seat. And that's going to keep it in place too, nobody can take it out and remove it, because it's tethered to your seat. I'll show you what I'm talking about. You see, this is as far as you can get with it because it's wrapped around there. So it's much less of a permanent install, but still, it's gonna keep it secure and keep it in place.

I'm gonna show you how it works, and we're gonna use the keys just to turn it, and that's gonna unlock it from the sleeve. So again, I have this part out, you could mount this to the bottom with either one of these mounting holes here. On this side, or this side, whatever works best for you and your vehicle. But what it does is this is gonna be the main lock box. And I'll put it back in to show ya, we'll flip this around so you can see how the lock mechanism works with it in place.

You can kinda see it, moving there. Trying to hold it still, and see how in the lock position, that's gonna hold that sleeve in place and keep it locked up. So when you go to undo it, it's gonna lower that, you can slide this part off and out. And then with that removed, and already turned, you can open up the box and show the inside. Looking at the inside you can get a better idea of what it looks like in here and how the K locks gonna work.

You see this groove right in there, You're gonna put the cable lock right in that groove. So then when it's shut, it won't be able to be pulled through there that metal side on the other side is bigger than that hole. So you won't be able to pull it out that way, attaches it to your seat without having to permanently mount it. And then the inside, you have a soft interior that way you don't have to worry about when you throw your phone in there, or your wallet, you're not gonna just be putting it on like straight up metal that could maybe scratch the screens or anything like that. So you're nice and safe in there, and keep things from moving around too much. You probably want exact dimensions on the inside just to see how much space you're gonna get. It's gonna be seven inches long, five and a quarter inches wide, and then two inches deep. So you can see with a pretty big phone, fits in there with a little bit space to spare. And a thick wallet fit in there just fine. With the sleeve, we're gonna give you those measurements as well. So it's gonna be eight, one eighth long. It's gonna be five and seven eighths wide, and then two and one eighths deep. Both the lockbox and the sleeve are gonna be made out of a black powder coat steel, so they're gonna hold up. The other thing is I really like the sleeve is there. It adds further reinforcement for the lock box. Once you lock that into place. And even if you aren't permanently mounting it it's still gonna stay right here. You can't try to open the box or anything because that sleeve keeps it all contained. Overall, I think it's going to really help you out, locking your stuff up tight, whatever you're gonna put it in here, especially on your Jeep. We got the doors all taken off there. There's not really anything you can lock when you lock it up in here. You got this box underneath your seat, whether it's mounted or just using the cable lock, at least you know your wallet, and phone is all safe in your Jeep when you're not around. Even regular vehicles, it's gonna work well there too. I'm considering getting one of myself. I always throw my keys and my wallet when I go run at the park and my phone, or at the gym I keep it all in the center console. I kinda feel silly about it now. I feel like I shoulda had one of these a long time ago to lock everything up so nobody can mess with it. Well I think that does it, thanks for hanging out. And I hope this helps..

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