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Draw-Tite I-Command Trailer Brake Controller Review

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Review of the Draw-Tite I-Command Trailer Brake Controller

Hi there, happy haulers. Today we're going to be taking a look at Draw-Tite's I-Command Proportional Brake Controller. A brake controller is going to allow you to apply the brakes in any trailer that has brakes equipped. This is going to make it easier to haul heavier trailers, because we can feel confident when we're coming to a stop because we know all the weight of that trailer is not being stopped by the brakes on our vehicle, but we've got additional assistance back on our trailer. This is going to improve the quality of the ride when coming to a stop, because you're not going to feel that weight pushing on the back. And it's also just going to overall just feel safer when you're hauling.

And this will work with our pop-up here, that just is a single axle with brakes, our tandem axle fifth wheel here, our boat trailer there, as well as the travel trailer over there, because this controller is designed to work with one axle up to four axles.It will require a seven-way connector order to operate the brakes on your trailer. So if you've got just a normal four-pole at the back, no big deal, we have wiring kits available here at that will take your existing four-pole connector and give you all the wiring you need to hook up a brake controller and have a seven-way.And this is what our brake controller looks like when it's installed. This is going to be an entry-level brake controller, but it is a step up from your time delay ones, as this is a proportional brake controller. That means that there is an inertia sensor inside that will detect the stopping force so the brakes can then apply harder or less, depending upon how quickly we're stopping. If we hit a panic stop, the inertia sensor inside is going to detect that, it's going to apply the brakes harder and faster.

If we're just easing on the brakes coming up to a stop sign, our trailer brakes are also going to be mimicking that and they're going to apply less aggressively, so we don't get any jerks and everything's nice and smooth.This doesn't have any of the features your premium ones will where you can save multiple trailers settings and things like that. But it really does have just about everything you'd need. So if you only have one trailer and this is pretty much all you'll use it for, this would be a great option. On the left we've got our gain settings, which is the overall maximum output of our brake controller. And it ranges from up to 10, with 10 being the highest setting.

And if we slide it over here, we can see that it's going to be 10 volts being sent out.On the right here, we have our boost setting. This is an additional adjustment in addition to the gain. The gain is the actual output voltage where the boost is a sensitivity adjustment for the internal inertia sensor. A lower boost setting is going to make the inertia sensor less sensitive and a higher boost setting will make the inertia sensor more sensitive. Typical settings would be, if your trailer weighs less than the vehicle, you really don't need the boost too much.

If your trailer weighs about the same as the vehicle, you'll want to consider boost option one and sometimes boost option two, depending upon the vehicle that we've got it installed on. Boost option two is for when it weighs a little bit more than your vehicle and boost three is if it weighs significantly more than the vehicle that's pulling it. Now as always you don't want to exceed any of the towing capacities of your vehicle or the hitch or any of the other components that you're using to tow with.Our brake controller is going to come with a connector at the back and everything you need to get it mounted up here, but you may need some additional components to get it all wired up and working properly on the vehicle. If your vehicle doesn't have a factory connector where you can just get an adapter and plug your brake controller in, then you'll need a full wiring kit to get it installed. And we have one here at with part number ETBC7 that has everything that you'll need to get a brake controller wired up.Now if you do have a factory tow package or a factory tow package connector on your vehicle, we have vehicle specific adapters here at that will just plug directly in to your vehicle's connector and it will come to another connector on the other side that will plug into our brake controller. So you don't need to make any modifications. The only thing you may need to do is if you have a factory tow package connector, but your vehicle doesn't originally have a factory tow package, you may need to install some fuses or relays in your fuse box to activate those circuits. You can find that information in your vehicle's owner's manual.Compared to some of the higher end brake controllers out there, like Tekonsha's Prodigy P3, this one's going to have all the same similar functions. It's just not going to have the options to save multiple trailers, as well as the fancy LCD screen that you get with the Prodigy P3. If you've got multiple trailers, then you may want to consider going with that premium brake controller so you can easily save the settings for the various sized trailers that you have. But really if you just got one trailer, this is going to be a great option.And that completes our look at Draw-Tite's I-Command Proportional Brake Controller.