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Review of the Access Roctection Mud Flaps

Speaker 1: Today we're going to be taking a look at the Access Roctection Universal Mud Flaps for full size trucks and SUVs, part number AC100001. These Roctection mud flaps are going to protect your travel trailer, camper or any other trailer from rocks, road debris or grime. Here on our travel trailer, you can see the aftermath of what happens when we don't have mud flaps. As you can see, it's covered in dirt. There's a few rock chips and tar has even made its way onto it. You can see that when debris hits it, it creates a barrier and prevents it from getting on our trailer.

It works in conjunction with your ball mount, so you can still tow. One of its best features is once it's installed around your ball mount, to remove it all you have to do it remove your ball mount. The 24-1/2" oversized design is going to give you maximum protection from your tires. They're heavy duty but still flexible enough should they come in contact with road debris or uneven ground.It has an aluminum design, so not only is it going to be resistant to rust and corrosion, it's going to be lightweight and it's going to give you a stylish look. The supports simply rest on the top portion of your bumper.

They're rubber coated so it won't harm or scratch the finish. The aluminum bar is 75-1/4" long. Please note that on some trucks it may hang over the body a little bit. The mud flaps are adjustable from side to side along the aluminum bar. Simply loosen up the four bolts and adjust it to best suit your application.

On your truck you'll want to be sure that you have a 2" by 2" receiver with a ball mount. If you're looking for replacement mud flaps, you can pick those up with part number A4000184. We've got a product expert with us. Mike, what can you tell us about what customers are looking for with mud flaps Mike: Well customers out of their mud flaps obviously they're going to want something that is does it's job, is functional. They want it to look good.

They want it to last a long time. So those are the three big things customers should be looking for. Speaker 1: How do these measure up Do you think customers are going to like these Mike: I think customers are going to like them. They're not the prettiest. In comparison to Rock Tamers, I think Rock Tamers look a little bit better. I do like the design of this aluminum support bar, one on each side. It's a little more stable than the Rock Tamers. The connection point there on the ball mount is a great idea. It makes it easy to move from one truck to another. So if you have more than one truck you want to put it on, that's a great feature. Speaker 1: Sure. It's adaptable. Mike: Right. This material here is a 3/8" thick. And that's pretty stout material. You can feel it there. It's going to do its job. Speaker 1: Oh, yeah. Mike: So it is going to be functional. That's one of the things customers are looking for. Not the prettiest thing. That might not matter to some. And longevity, I can tell you that this is probably going to last you a good long while. Speaker 1: Oh, yeah. Mike: They're pretty solid. Speaker 1: I can agree with that completely. They're definitely nice and thick. I think they're going to hold up. Mike: Yep. Speaker 1: Now that we've gone over the features, I'll go ahead and show you how to get it installed. Now I've already got my mud flaps positioned the way I want them, to best suit my application. And I've got it mostly assembled. You'll want to be sure that you leave your adjustment plate here loose and that the bottom plate is off. Now the instructions say to install the mud flaps after you have it positioned on your truck. I found that it was easier to pre-install the mud flaps as it's a tight fit between the bumper and the crossbar. Now let's set it in place. So I'm going to raise it up and have it straddle my ball mount. My supports need to rest on top of my bumper, just like this. And we also want to be sure that the hardware doesn't come in contact with our bumper. So we want to hold it out a little bit. We want our adjustment resting right on top of our ball mount. Once it's in place, we can tighten up your hardware. For this, you'll just need a 9/16" wrench.And we'll need to do that for both sides. Once it's adjusted and tightened down, it should support itself. Now, we can take our plate and install it on bottom. Once it's loosely installed, we can go ahead and tighten it on evenly. Now these are carriage bolts, so you want to make sure and hold the top so they don't pop up on you. So we're just going to hold down up top and start tightening down that plate. Now it's also a good idea to tighten the plate down evenly, so I'm just going to slightly tighten it down until it makes contact with the bottom of the ball mount. And then I'll go over to the other side and do the same thing. With it making contact, let's go ahead and check our spacing on the back of the mud flaps one more time. Make sure it's where we want it and then we can finally tighten it the rest of the way down.Once I've got it where I want it, I'm going to finish tightening it down. And remember to alternate each side. With everything tightened, you'll want to torque it down to manufacturer's specifications. Now we've got it. And that's going to complete our look at the Access Roctection Universal Mud Flaps for full size trucks and SUVs, part number AC100001.

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