WeatherTech Bug Shield Installation - 2012 Ford Van

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How to Install a WeatherTech Bug Shield on a 2012 Ford Van

Today on our 2012 Ford E-250, we're going to be installing the WeatherTech Bug Shield, part number WT50187. Now to begin, we'll need to open our hood. Pull the hood latch here, releasing the hood where we can now open it up. Now that we have our hood open, we'll find the weather strip here at the edge and according to the instructions we'll need to locate the push pin fasteners where our bug shied will attach. Here on the passenger's side, it will be these two push pin fasteners. Here on the driver's side, we'll use these two fasteners here.

Now, here we'll use a push pin fastener removal tool. We'll slide it up underneath the push pin. Pry away, removing the fastener. Now, we're only going to remove the fasteners that the bug guard will attach. We'll go ahead and mark our way from the driver's side toward the passenger's side.

We'll now go ahead and dry fit our shield to the hood here. Now, as this gets installed, you'll want to make sure that the bug shield is underneath the molding that we've removed the push pin fasteners from. Now, we've got the Phillips head screw and a plastic flat washer. We'll put the screw through the washer. Pass it through the rubber molding here.

Pass it through our bug shield and start it into the hole that we removed the pin from. Now, we're going to leave it loose from now until we get all our fasteners in place. Once we have all our fasteners in place, we'll then go back through and tighten them down. Now here on the outermost attachment points, we'll be using the self-tapping screw and we'll actually be drilling a hole in the hood using the screw to attach our bug shield. Now, we'll repeat this procedure for the passenger's side.

Okay, now that we have our two outer fasteners in, we'll go ahead and go back to the forward inboard fasteners and tighten them down. With all our fasteners tight, our bug shield is on. We'll now go ahead and shut the hood. Now, where the bug shield has the potential to hit the body of the vehicle, we can use these rubber plugs with the adhesive backing. We'll adhere it to the body of the vehicle and it prevents the bug shield from coming in contact. Now, the kit does come with four bumpers. However, you may not need all four. With all four bumpers in place, that will complete our installation of the Stone and Bug Deflector from WeatherTech, part number WT50187, on our 2012 Ford E-250.

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