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UWS Crossover Toolbox Review - 2008 Dodge Ram

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Review of the UWS Crossover Toolbox on a 2008 Dodge Ram

Today on this 2008 Dodge Ram pickup were going to do a test fit of part number UWS06208. This is a low profile deep truck bed toolbox. A few things to know about this took is that its a crossover, saddle style toolbox that hangs from the truck bed rails. It has a full aluminum construction with fully welded seams. This version has a black powder coating to it. The locks for the lids are two large stainless steel twist style handles and the lock is on the drivers side.

On the inside it has a plastic sliding tray with dividers and organizers. It also has an organizer for small tools and screwdrivers. It comes with padding and hardware to install the toolbox. Well go ahead and take our box and well go ahead and test fit it into the truck. Well install it on top of the bed rails and push it all the way up towards the cab.

Well even it out on both sides and well get some measurements. First off well go ahead and open up the lid and well see what our clearance is. It looks like just an inch of clearance between the cab and the lid of the toolbox. On each side of the toolbox, inside the rails, is about one inch of clearance and it looks like about 3 of an inch of clearance where our fender wells meet the toolbox. The toolbox also has notches in the bottom to give it room for wheel wells.

From the bed to the bottom of the toolbox at the closest point is about 4 inches. One thing to note about this truck is it has a short bed. Thatll finish it for our test fit of part number UWS06208, on our 2008 Dodge Ram pickup.

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