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Optronics RV Combination Passenger Side Tail Light Installation

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How to Install the Optronics RV Combination Passenger Side Tail Light

Today on our camper, we'll be taking a look at and installing the Optronics LED low profile RV combination tail lights for the passenger side. Part number RBSTLB60. The Optronics LED low profile tail light is the perfect replacement for your incandescent tail light. As you can see here on the passenger side, we've got an LED light and on the driver side, we've got our old incandescent light. The LED light is going to be longer lasting with no bulbs to replace. It's more efficient.

It provides a brighter light with less power. The light itself measures 8 and 11/16ths of an inch long. 3 and 3/16ths of an inch tall and two and an eighth inches deep. It is DoT compliant. Now that we've gone over some features, I'll go ahead and show you how to get it installed. Our tail light is out so it's the perfect opportunity to replace it with a new Optronics LED tail light. What we'll do is go ahead and pry off that lens.

Now, when taking these off, we want to be sure and keep these set aside because our new tail light doesn't come with hardware, so we're going to reuse them. I'll take my phillips screwdriver and take those out . Now we're going to go ahead and cut our wires on our old tail light here so we can rewire it . Our previous tail light used wire tabs but we're going to use some heat shrink butt connectors. That's going to be part number DW05745-5. Let's go ahead and get them spliced.

We're going to come down about three eights of an inch . Now our white ground wire is essentially just one wire but our tail light had to be tapped into it. That's why there's two wires here; we had to cut it. We're going to re-combine them and attach our new tail light. That goes the same with the green running white wire. Our turn signal is just one wire so we're going to use a smaller butt connector.

That's going to be part number DW05743-5. Now we can grab our new Optronics LED light. It comes pre-stripped, just might have to clean them up a little bit here. We're going to hook white with white for our ground. Then we'll do green to green for our running. Then we'll black to brown for our turn signal. With those connected, we can go ahead and shrink them up. If you don't have a heat gun, you can simply just use a lighter. Works just as easy . Perfect. Now we can feed our wire back into our camper . Then we can reattach our light . Now we'll reattach our cover and we can test it out. Our running lights. Here's our brake lights. Then our turn signal. That's going to complete our look and install of the Optronics LED low profile RV combination tail light on the passenger side. Part number RVSTLB60.

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