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K-Source Snap & Zap Towing Mirrors Installation - 2017 Toyota Sequoia

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How to Install the K-Source Snap & Zap Towing Mirrors on a 2017 Toyota Sequoia

Hey everybody, how's it going Today we're gonna be going over and showing you how to install the K-Source Snap and Zap custom fit towing mirrors here on a 2017 Toyota Sequoia. Now for starters, in regards to fit, you need to be aware that these particular custom fit towing mirrors do not fit the platinum or the limited models. But every other model or sub model, you're gonna be good with whether it's the SR5, the SR, or so forth. So here is what our towing mirrors look like installed in the vehicle. And to be honest, if you didn't know what a towing mirror was, you probably wouldn't be able to tell this apart from the factory mirrors, and that's due to the custom fit design here. It's gonna match all these body lines to make for a very tight fit, and it's also gonna have pretty much the same color as these little moldings here.

Everything's gonna be made of that ABS plastic, and I really can't even tell a difference between these two colors here. So overall, it's gonna make for a nice, smooth, sleek factory like finish. Because these towing mirrors are molded specifically after the factory side mirrors here, it's gonna give us the tightest fit possible. Now the reason that's important is, because there's a lot of universal mirror options, some of them even more cost effective for this vehicle. But having that custom fit is really gonna allow us to get the tightest fit possible, and the tightest fit possible is gonna produce the least amount of vibrations and rattling in our mirror.

So vibrations in your mirror face aren't a good thing because they're gonna distort your vision. So having the nice custom fit here is gonna give us a clear view of our trailer and what's going on around us. As we said, these are a custom fit, and the reason you want custom fit is they're gonna provide us with a tightest fit on the vehicle here. Now there are other options such as universal, and those are okay. You'll probably save a little bit of money, but those are chances are gonna be a lot looser than the custom ones, and having that looser mirror face on there is gonna cause distortions because you're gonna get a lot of vibrations in the mirror face there.

So again, just a summary, the custom fit ones are gonna give you a much better view as opposed to the universal ones because they're gonna have a lot tighter fit on the mirror. So something that's great about these towing mirrors here is that they're still gonna allow you to use the breakaway feature of your side mirror. So say you're in a tight parking space, you end up clipping something with either of your mirrors here. They are gonna fold into the vehicle there. There's gonna be no interference whatsoever.

And also, depending on what particular options we have, there's actually a cutout down here for a puddle lamp or any sort of sensors you may have. This particular model doesn't have this, but if you do have that it's still gonna work with these mirrors 'cause you can see that large cutout there that'll accommodate that. Now our mirror face here is nice and large. It kinda contours the shape here of the existing factory mirror. So they're really not wasting any real estate, and it's on a ball and socket joint. So it's very easy to adjust. I like to just push in the corners here so I don't smudge the mirror face. So to show you guys really what makes these towing mirrors a must when you're driving, it's really gonna come down to your safety and your comforts level behind the wheel. So having these aftermarket towing mirrors, they're gonna allow you to see what's around you more and what's coming up on you. So one of the big issues I have when I'm towing a trailer out in the highway is there's obviously gonna be a much larger blind spot there, and you have a much larger rig here that you need to move into one lane or another. And that can be kinda tricky sometimes with traffic buzzing around you. So we'll really show you how much of a difference these mirrors make. I'm standing directly beside the trailer here, and you can see that's no problem for the factory mirrors as it shouldn't be. But if I we're to step out a couple feet here, which would sort of mimic that oncoming traffic there. Let's say I had an exit coming up I need to get over for, if I step out a couple feet here, you'll see I lose focus from the factory mirror, but now I'm actually coming into focus here of our aftermarket towing mirror. And again, these things are really just gonna help you feel more safe and confident behind the wheel of your vehicle. When we're not towing, we can still leave these mirrors installed. They're not gonna hurt the factory mirrors, and they're really not gonna affect anything. But if you do wanna take 'em off when you're not using them, you get a nice, handy carrying sack here that's gonna keep your mirrors protected so you can store 'em inside the vehicle for when you need them. But with that being said, now that we've gone over the mirrors, let's go ahead and show you how easy they are to install. Now before we install our tow mirrors here, it's a good idea to take some time to clean the factory painted mirror surface. Now there is gonna be some foam pads in here so you really don't have to worry too much about scuffs and scratching, but it's never a bad idea to make sure your side mirrors are clean. But once we've done that, we're ready to install it. So if we look on the inside, at the top here there's gonna be hooks, and then the bottom there's gonna be these little plastic clips. So the way we wanna install it is basically, we're gonna install it from the top like this and then just sort of pop it down into position. So we're gonna lift over the top here where those top hooks are gonna grab on to the factory mirror housing, and then you're just gonna be pretty much pushing on and down from the back here. And the bottom hasn't quite locked into place yet. So we need to push in a little bit more, until these lips come over the factory ones. So there we go. Now it's locked into place there and it's not gonna move. And then once we have the mirror installed, we'll go ahead and adjust our mirror face here for our specific trailer. This is best done with two people. You can sit in the driver's seat how you normally would when you're driving, and then you can have someone out here just making gradual adjustments until you get the best view of your trailer. So now that our mirror is on, we have the mirror face adjusted. We'll just head over to the other side, do the same thing over there, and once that's done, that's gonna complete your look and installation of the K-Source Snap and Zap custom fit towing mirrors here on a 2017 Toyota Sequoia..

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