K Source Extendable Towing Mirror with Turn Signals Installation - 2007 GMC Sierra

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How to Install the K Source Extendable Towing Mirror with Turn Signals on a 2007 GMC Sierra

Today, on our 2007 GMC Sierra, we'll be installing the K Source custom extended towing mirrors with turn signals and electric key, part number KS62075-76G. Now we'll go through operation of our new K Source power mirror. Using the vehicle power function, we can go ahead and move the top section of the mirror, in, out, up, down. We can also see that the turn signal circuit will flash in our mirror. Additional feature of the new K Source mirror is the extension out so that we can go around large towed objects. The lower section of our mirror can manually be moved and will stay put once set in position.

These mirrors can also be pushed back in to their normal position and fold it in when in tight situations. Starting on the driver side, we're going to go ahead, we'll start with the triangle shaped piece above the driver's door panel. Using just a plastic pry tool, we'll go ahead and get underneath the fastener and release it. Once we release the fasteners, we can go ahead and set it aside. Underneath there is a foam insert. It will cover up the wires as it comes through the sheet metal.

You can also see the three fasteners that secure the mirror. We'll remove the two push pin fasteners on the door panel, one on the inside edge and one on the outside edge using a flat blade screwdriver and an interior trim panel tool. Next, we'll need to remove the trim panel that goes around the driver's door handle. Now, underneath the door handle, there's a screw fastener. Go ahead and remove it. Next, we're going to remove the door lock switch.

Again, using our plastic pry bar, we can get behind the trim of the switch and pop it out. Underneath, there's a fastener we'll need to remove. Now, with the fastener out, we can go ahead and pick up on the panel and release the fasteners underneath. To gain access to the manufacturer's wiring, just simply pull back on the plastic cover and we'll follow the wiring to our switch and remove it from the connector. There are two connectors, first on the locking tab of the connector and remove it from the switch. Rehang the door panel so to hold it in position.

We can go ahead and remove the fasteners, secure the mirror in position. We'll need to release the three plastic clips holding the mirror in place and then remove it. Then we'll take the new mirror, driver side, left and install it. Feed the wiring through the hole. Line up our attachment points and then reinstall the manufacturer nuts that we removed earlier. With our fasteners installed finger tight, we'll go ahead and tighten it down. Now, we'll just go ahead and take the new wire and follow the manufacturer's route back over to the switches where we can reinstall the new connectors. The K Source connectors will match the manufacturer's. Reinstall the black plug, we'll remove the manufacturer's black plug and the blue plug, we'll remove the manufacturer blue plug. Put our plastic protector back and then reinstall our door panel. Now, with our door panel back in place, we'll go ahead and reinstall our fasteners. All right, with the driver side installed, we'll move over to the passenger side and repeat the same process. There you have it for the new K Source custom extendable towing mirrors with turn signals, part number KS62075-76G on our 2007 GMC Sierra. .

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