Edge Performance Chip Installation - 2002 Chevy Silverado 2500

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How to Install an Edge Performance Chip on a 2002 Chevy Silverado 2500

Today on this 2002 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 we are going to be installing the Edge Evolution CTS programmer, part number EP85700. The Edge Evolution CTS mounts to your vehicles dash or windshield and provides a way to not only tune and adjust the computer settings of your vehicle but also provide feedback on different engine parameters. This particular Evolution is designed for off-road racing applications only. This Evolution CTS will reprogram the computer on our Silverado and offer seven different power levels, for up to 180 horsepower and 385 foot pounds of torque gained. Included with the Evolution CTS is an information packet that contains your owners manual, registration instructions, as well as software for connecting the Evolution to your computer. There is an OBD2 cable that connects to the back of the Edge Evolution programmer as well as the OBD2 port on your vehicle. 0:59

The Evolution CTS programmer itself, on the back are three connection ports. Down on the bottom is a typical RC video jack for use with a backup camera. This port in the middle connects to the cable that runs to your OBD2 port on your vehicle. And on the top of the unit is another port for some of the optional accessories that you can add to work with your Evolution CTS. There is also a suction cup mount so that you can mount the Evolution CTS to your windshield, as well as a small alcohol pad for clearing the glass. The first step before installing the Evolution CTS is to locate our OBD2 port. On our Silverado, the OBD2 port is just above the emergency brake pedal. So we will go ahead and remove our panel. And this is the area where we are going to coil any excess cable that we have. We are going to undo these two screws to allow us a little bit of wiggle room with our dash here. We are going to loosen these two dash studs so we can run our cable back behind and keep it nice and tidy. 2:06

We are going to take the Evolution end of our cable and feed it up from the bottom side of the dash. We are going to come out right here and follow the cable along the weather stripping, behind the dash panel and come out of the top where the a-pillar is. We are going to start pressing it in behind our dash, working our way up to the a-pillar. And we are going to come out right up here. Now our cable is tucked behind our weather stripping. We can go ahead and reinstall our screws and snap in the face of our dash. We are going to test mount. Make sure we have enough slack up top. And then we are going to finish running the bottom of our cable, coil it up nice and neat inside of the fuse box area and connect it to our OBD2 port. We are going to take our CTS and temporarily mount it to our suction cup mount so that we can test fit and make sure we have enough cable. Take our cap off of our cable connect it to the back of our programmer. Now we will hold the unit up in position and make sure that we have enough wire before we button everything up. It looks like we can pull a little bit of slack out. So we will go ahead and do that and we will button up our wiring underneath our dash panel. 3:19

Now that we have the wire where we want it up top, we are going to come down to our fuse panel and coil up the excess and use a couple of zip-ties to make it a nice bundle. Now we have our bundle tucked up by our fuse panel. We will go ahead and tighten down the nuts on the dash studs and we will put our trim back in place. We have the bottom end of our cable hanging down. And we are going to snap it to our OBD2 port. Next we are going to pick our location for the suction cup mount. We will use the included alcohol wipe and clean the glass. Make sure to let it sit and dry for a couple of minutes before you attach the mount. We still have our CTS mounted to the suction cup mount. We are going to go ahead and connect our cable first so that we do not have to work around the back side. And then we will use the suction cup mount and attach to our windshield. If you have to, you can remove the CTS from the suction cup mount, install it and the remount the CTS. Now we have our CTS installed and mounted. We will peel off the plastic. And at this point, the CTS is requesting the activation code. The next step is to hop on Edges website, register the product and they will email you the activation code. Once you have the activation code, you can use the touch screen to enter the digits and activate your CTS. We will show you how to do that, as well as how to use the device, in the next video. And there you have it for the Edge Evolution CTS, part number EP85700.

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