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CIPA Driver and Passenger Side Towing Mirrors Installation - 2021 Ram 1500

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How to Install the CIPA Driver and Passenger Side Towing Mirrors on a 2021 Ram 1500

Hey everybody, how's it going Today, we're gonna be going over and showing you how to install the CIPA Custom Fit towing mirrors here on our 2021 Ram 1500. So towing mirrors are a great addition to your truck here if you find yourself to be towing frequently. Now obviously they're gonna extend our field of view, but two situations that I particularly find that to be most useful in is when you're driving on the highway, chances are when you're pulling your trailer you're not quite traveling at most normal highway speeds such as other traffic. Therefore vehicles are gonna come up on you quite fast, and you may need to get over to get your exit. And it's really just kinda hard to judge how fast those vehicles are going if they're in your blind spot or if you can get over and in time. It really is not a comfortable feeling when you have it towing a trailer, especially if you're not comfortable with it, if you don't tow often.

So having that piece of security there to really be able to see a lot what's going on back there just so you can make the best judgment call so you can arrive to your destination safe and sound. These towing mirrors here they really just make you more comfortable behind the wheel. Now that's one of the major ones 'cause there's not a lot of room for error when you're out in the highway traveling at speed. But another reason I really like these mirrors is that when I'm trying to maneuver in a tight space, let's say I pull into the gas station to get gas or if I'm in a crowded parking lot, I'm always worried about the back swing of my trailer potentially clipping something, and it's really hard to see. With these towing mirrors here, you could really get a great view of your trailer so you can really know what's going on back there.

You don't cause any damage to your own property or someone else's. So this is what our towing mirror actually looks like installed on our truck here. And if we notice the actual material or the finish rather, it's gonna be that black sort of that hammered finish. That's more of a textured finish that really blends in well with the factory plastics. If we take a look over here, it's gonna be the same finish pretty much in regards to the feel and the texture.

And it's also gonna be about the same color as well. So overall, it just helps it blend in well with the vehicle more. Unless you really knew what you we're looking at, you would just think these are the factory mirrors and we don't actually even have any towing mirrors installed. So to give you guys a better visual of this, as you can see here, you can clearly see us in the factory mirrors but I'm just standing directly beside the trailer. Let's say I step out a couple steps which is gonna mimic that oncoming traffic, and we're gonna lose sight in the factory mirrors but now I'm gonna come into focus in our side mirrors here.

So overall, again, just some extra security. These things really do wonders for blind spots on the highway. Just helping you feel more comfortable behind the wheel of your vehicle. So keep in mind there's a couple different towing mirror options on the market. These particular ones here are gonna be geared towards those more base model vehicles that don't have those extra bells and whistles built into the side mirrors. Such as the integrated turn signal, the puddle lamp, or camera on the bottom there. You can still use this towing mirror if you have those features, but unfortunately, it is going to block it. But there are actually other options on the market that'll allow you to still use those features. So it really just comes down to your particular truck, your trim level, and what features are built into the side mirrors. Then again, if you have one of those base models, this is gonna be an excellent option for you. So these particular mirrors here are actually a custom fit for your Ram 1500. Meaning the shape of the housing is mirrored to the shape of the factory mirror. And what this does is this allows for a very tight fit, and a tight fit means less distortion and a better view. Some of the other universal towing mirror options on the market, they have straps which clamp around the factory mirrors. Although those do work okay, they don't quite have the tight fit like the custom ones. Therefore, you will get a little distortion that's gonna blur your field of view. So overall, the custom, if available for your vehicle, is a much better option. These ones here have a nice and tight fit so you're not gonna have any distortion in your view. So if we take a closer look at the actual mirror face here, you can see we have a very large surface area. There's plenty of field of view that you can see, and we can actually easily adjust this mirror by just simply reaching out your window, pushing on either corner here with your finger. It's a nice smooth ball and socket joint that we can really adjust for our specific application to give us the best vision. So in regards to installation, the nice thing about these is they don't require any tools whatsoever. It's very simple. Definitely something you can do at home by yourself. And then we're ready to take them off after the day when we're done towing, it's very easy to do that as well. Everything is very seamless. We just have a thumb screw here. You'll loosen that. You'll pull out your wedge, and then you'll just slide the mirror all the way off. We'll go ahead and walk you through all those steps now. So to start our installation today, we're gonna first start by cleaning the side mirror on our vehicle. You wanna make sure you get all the dirt and debris off there. That way we don't have to risk scratching the factory surface there. But once we've done that, we're ready to take our towing mirror here. It's just gonna simply slide into place. Now we're gonna take our wedge. You're gonna apply this little protective strip there that comes in your kit. There's just some adhesive backing on there. Go ahead and stick it on that, and then we're just gonna place the wedge with this surface here facing towards the factory mirror. We're gonna be placing it in the slot there where that thumb screw is. So we're just gonna line it up like that as best as we can. You'll shove it in as far as you can, and then we're gonna take our thumb screw here. We're gonna begin tightening it into the threads there. We're gonna tighten this until our towing mirror is nice and snug. So you don't wanna over tighten it, deform the plastic, possibly cause breakage. But you wanna tighten it enough so the mirror is nice and snug and it's not vibrating around or that could potentially fly off. So once we have our thumb screw nice and tight, go ahead and give the mirror a little jiggle. Make sure it's not gonna be removed. It's not gonna fly off anything. Nice tight and snug fit. But once we've done that, we'll just repeat that same process on the other side. And that'll complete our look and installation of the CIPA Custom Fit towing mirrors here on our 2021 Ram 1500..

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