Trailer Hitch Installation - 1999 Ford Taurus Wagon

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How to Install a Trailer Hitch on a 1999 Ford Taurus Wagon

Today we are going to be filming hitch part number 36252 on a 1999 Ford Taurus wagon. Looking under the vehicle here we are going to point out the attaching points for this hitch. We are going to remove this bolt on both sides of the frame. It will become the upright fastener for the hitch. We are going to be using the existing hole that is just a little bit forward from this slot here on the side of the frame. So the first thing you will do is remove the bolt from both sides of the frame. You can see on this model they have tow hooks which not very many models have but this particular one does have them, so they need to come off as well. With the bolts now out of the energy absorbers, we want to go ahead and lower the exhaust. There are 2 hangers that are holding it on. There is one here to the rear side near the bumper and then there is one more towards the forward side, towards the front of the exhaust here.

Rubber hangers are sometimes are hard to release so it helps to use some type of lubricant like WD40. It makes the removal a lot easier. The exhaust should just sit on the cross member here. With the exhaust now lowered we can go ahead and put the hitch up. We can hold the hitch up into place using the weld nuts that we removed the bolts out of before previously. The hitch does need to go up on the bumper side of the flange here. It is very tight, that is why it is very handy to have ratchet and wrenches like this. It saves a lot of time. We kind of just want to get those hand tightened, we do not want to fully tighten them at this time. With the bumper bolts hand tightened, we can go ahead and look up under the frame here. We can see there are 3 the holes in the hitch. Only one of them will align with the existing hole in the bottom of the frame.

We will show you which one we are going to use just by looking under here. We want to fasten to the bottom of the frame here. We are going to use the block and handle nut combination that are actually going to go inside the frame and the bolt which will go in through the bottom of the frame. A little trick to keeping the block and the handle nut together while in the frame is to to go ahead and tape them together. Use the bolt that is going into the handle nut to hold the 2 in place. And then you can just take the bolt back out. From there, you just want to feed your handle nut and block assembly in through the hole in the frame. You will need to manipulate the handle nut itself into position so that the bottom plate sites tight against the bottom of the frame. I am going to go ahead and do so now, as opposed to just trying to do so inside the frame. Something like this will probably work out for you. You have to get in there very close and then you can just take a screwdriver and pull it into position. We will want to leave that hand tightened for the time being. We want to just do that on the other side as well.

Now that we have all the bolts back up into place we can go ahead and torque the hitch assembly down. I am going to start with the bolts in the energy absorbing unit up here in the vertical side of the hitch which get torqued to 40 foot pounds. With the exhaust back up into position, our install is complete. This will conclude the installation of part number 36252 on a 1999 Ford Taurus Wagon.

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