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Demonstration on Handle Nuts

Today we are going to show you the proper operation of a handle nut. Basically, a lot of hitch installs will use this type of device here. You can manipulate this handle any way you want to, to run this nut into an area that has a tight fit. You can bend this at will, basically. Just take it like this and bend it, and then put another hook into it, and make a handle like that. And you can thread it into the frame, where you can actually run your bolt through the bottom of it. All right, and now we will go ahead actually and install this handle nut on a typical application.

Normally, of course, we have a hitch on the bottom of the frame where we run our bolt through. But, just for demonstration purposes, what we are going to do is run our handle into the frame here and then just get it set up to be above this hole right here. So it is a good idea to go ahead and just stick it into the side of the frame here. And you can see right now it is kind of like at an angle it is kind of tilted up. So you want to take the handle and actually bend it to match the flat part of the frame. It may take two or three turns to get it right. And once you have it nice and flat in the frame, then you can actually run your bolt into it. And essentially that is what a handle nut is all about.

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