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Rebuilding a Fulton Jack

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Rebuilding a Fulton Jack

Today we're going to be taking a look at how to rebuild a Fulton jack. This is going to work out for your 800 to 1,200 pound jacks. We've got a handle replacement part number, which is going to be for our handle. It's going to have the bearing that the handle rides in and replacement pin. That part number is F0933301S00. If that's all you need to replace, that's all you're going to need to get.

If you're also going to be replacing the gears inside, these are 12 tooth gears. They've got 1/2" interior diameter hole size. This, again, is going to be for the Fulton 800 to 1,200 pound jacks. This part number is going to be F0933302S00. It's pretty simple to rebuild your jack. Of course, this is a new jack.

It doesn't need to be rebuilt, but we're going to show you the process. Your old jacks at home, instead of buying a new jack you can buy the parts and really do it while it's still on the trailer there, pretty easy process. You can see we're going to be using a couple of punches. We've got a pick here in case we need to grab maybe one of the pins and try to pull it out. We've got some needle nose pliers here, and just a little Phillips screwdriver is going to help us to get our cap off. If your cap's damaged or in need of replacement, that's available.

It's part number F500323. It's just as easy as pushing in on this black tab right here on the back side just like that. The cap's going to come right off. That's where the greaser fits through. You can see it's just as simple as pulling that off and putting it back on.

Once your cap's off, when we look inside we're going to see the gears. On our handle, this is going to turn the gear that's up and down, and that turns that flat gear which rotates the screw inside of our jack. If you turn, you'll see the gear is going to have a little bit of a notch in it right there. That's where the pin is. That pin we need to get driven down right on this angle, right down and out that direction. You can see I'm just using a little 5/32 flat tip punch. That's going to get the pin pushed most of the way out, but after that you're going to need a slightly smaller punch so it'll go all the way through our handle. You can wiggle your handle. It's going to stop and go to a stop. You want to go to about the center point of that. Just drive it right on through. With the pin through, you'll see our handle here. This is just going to slide right out. That's the hole that the pin went through. That's what holds it in place, so slide that out. Our gears should now be free, so we can pull that out. Then, you can push in on that. You can see that's just a little spacer block that goes in there and keeps our handle from moving around too much while we're cranking on it. The gear right below that, that's just going to lift right off. You can see this is one that doesn't use an actual pass through pin. The pin sits in the screw itself and this sits down on top of it. Now, for our other pin there, you just want to push it out. See, it's a floating pin that doesn't have a lot of resistance on it there. There's going to be a little pathway that it'll come out right here on the outside, just like that. Now you can see just underneath there, that washer. You just slide the two tubes of the jack apart. That's going to fall down. Set it aside. This will give us a good opportunity to look inside of the jack. We'll pull that tab that washers fit right up against there and that rotates. That drives our screw here. That's really all there is to it. It's a really simple, straightforward system. That's why these rebuild kits are so nice, because all this is is a screw that runs through it. A nut raises and lowers it. It's very, very hard to do any damage to that. You see we've got our washers down here. That gives us our friction resistance with a little spacer inside. Not a lot to it. Now we just slide our keeper right down and in. This you're going to reuse from your existing jack. That's the hole our pin was sitting in there on the bottom so that just needs to slide right up through, just like that. Now, with our replacement gear kit, we're going to have both of our gears. We're going to have the washer for the bottom and we're going to have the pin for the bottom. If you only purchase this kit, you're going to need to reuse your handle pin, so hang on to that. You can see our gears are definitely different, so it's easy to tell them apart. One for the bottom is a captured pin, so it can't slide out. The other one's a slide through pin. That's going to mount up on the side. Let's take our new base pin, take our new washer, also our gear, and we'll get those put in to position. Washer's going to go on first. We can slide our pin in. To get the pin aligned with the hole, you just rotate your foot, or the wheel. Whatever you've got on the bottom. We center that back up. Place our new gear right down on top of that. We may need to rotate the gear or the foot a little bit just to make sure that it slides down. You have to feel it click all the way down. We've got that new handle guide. Slide that down in. Grab our new handle and slide that in. We also want it to slide through our new gear. It'll come out of the other side here. You can see that the hole in the handle, we want to align that with the hole that's in our new gear there. Then we can grab either the pin we're reusing if we didn't get the handle kit, or the handle kit, either one. Place that on in. Once you feel that slide down in there, we just want to take our punch again and just start tapping it down until the top side of our pin becomes even or just under the outside of our gear there. Make sure our jack's working nice and smoothly for us. We can put our cap back on the end, and if you did take it off your trailer you can stick it back on. Just want to make sure we re-grease our fitting, good marine grease in there, since we are going to be in more of a water situation or a marine application. Get some good marine grease in there and we'll be good to go for a long time.

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