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Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2002 Chevrolet Venture

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How to Install a Wiring Harness for a Trailer on a 2002 Chevrolet Venture

Today on this 2002 Chevrolet Venture we are going to install part number 118355 from Tow Ready. This T- One wire harness actually connects inside the vehicle on the driver side underneath the interior panel. Okay, it is going to be behind this panel right here. So to get to this panel we have to take off this threshold first. When you take this threshold off, there is a bunch of little connections in here. And this one button here rips very easy so be careful when you take it apart. Okay, we will take this fastener apart. And then we will start peeling back the panel. All right, we pulled the panel back, now we have access to our port right here. On some models, this port is actually down below the A/ C unit sometimes too. So it can be a real bear to find but we got lucky here and it is pretty much right out in the open.

So let us plug the matching ends into the T Connector so it locks into place. Now depending on your van again, this connection might be connected to something else. If it is then you would use both ends. But in this case, it is an open port so we are only using one end of the T connector. Next, we will take our converter box and we are going to hide it back behind the sheet metal right here along the back side kind of behind this pipe right here. Take off the adhesive backing, and then stick it right behind that little sheet metal right there where it will be safe and out of the way. We will just tuck our wiring back safe out of the way also. And we will put our panel back together. All right now we will sneak our ground wire back under the plastic here.

And then we will just bring it up right here and this is on all open space underneath the threshold so we can easily run in the ground screw right here. We can go ahead and put our threshold back into place. Route your wire so it does not get pinched. Reinstall your plastic rivets and you are good to go. And your 4-pole wiring harness will stay in here all the time and when you need to use it you just go ahead and pull it out. Just stay away from the door latch itself and pull it over. The weather strip here, just needs a little bit. And you shut the door hatch on it and pull out as much as you need. That finishes our install part number 118355 from Tow Ready.

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