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This Old Trailer: Replace Wiring with a 7-Pole Cable

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Replace Wiring with a 7-Pole Cable Episode of This Old Trailer

Today on This Old Trailer we are going to replace the wiring on this trailer. Right now, this trailer has a 5 pull socket here and the owner uses a patch cord in between here and his tow vehicle. What we are going to do is remove all this and add a 7-way cable that leads right to his tow vehicle. We will be using part number H20046. We will unbolt the connector here. Then we will go ahead and untape it and undo the screw right here, it should release the inside part where the pins are and the wires are connected. Tale that, push everything out. Simply disconnect our wires. 1:04

Now we have our bare wires, we will go over the code real fast. White is going to be your ground wire. Blue is going to go to the lock-out switch on the hydraulic brake controller. Yellow is going to be left turn. Green is going to be right turn. Brown is going to be your running lights. Now we are going to take our wire harness and thread it through the front here, try to guide it back to the hole where the socket was. We will take it and pull it on out, it is an 8 foot length, so we really do not need all of that. We will pull out some, and hook up our other end of the 7-pole to the tow vehicle and see how much slack we need. 1:53

We will use some tin snips to cut off our excess length. Cut the sheath so we can get to the wires. No we will strip back the wires on the ones we are going to use. We will use this green wire, red wire, yellow wire, brown wire, and white. We will not be using the black wire or blue wire since there are only 5 wires being used on the trailer. It is pretty tempting to match up the wires color for color, but you really can not do that because the 7-pole connector actually has a separate wiring code. In this case, green is going to be our running light circuit on the 7-pole, and on our trailer it is going to be brown. So we have to make the conversion. We will go ahead and start off by making our connections with that. To make our connections we will be using little connections called butt connectors. The wires butt together and we crimp them in place. Our next wire on the 7-pole is brown which is our right turn signal, and is going to hook up to green on our trailer, which is right turn. Red on our 7-pole connector is going to be our left turn signal, and the left turn on our trailer is going to be yellow. Next, we will work on our white wire that is the ground on the 7-pole, that will actually match up to our trailer so we will be doing white to white. Okay, our last wire is yellow on our 7-way connector which is the reverse lights and then on our boat trailer it is special so it is going to be the blue wire. 4:11

Now what we are going to do is tape this all together and seal it up for good. Tuck everything back in. We are going to wrap a zip tie around it which will help hold it in place. That will keep it extra secure. We will just leave this open, and now we are set. With that, that will finish our install of our 7-pole connector, part number H20046 on This Old Trailer.

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