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Trailer Hitch Installation - 2005 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

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How to Install a Trailer Hitch on a 2005 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Today on this 2005 Chevrolet Monte Carlo we are going to install part number 36292 from Draw-Tite. This will also apply to part number 90150 from Hidden Hitch. The first thing we need to do is lower the exhaust. There are four rubber hangers on this vehicle since it is dual exhaust. We will spray those down with some lubricant . Use a wood block behind it to give you a little better leverage against the rubber hanger. To lower the exhaust even further what we are going to do is run a strap around the exhaust and connect it to the sway bar right here and we have got one more rubber hanger that we are going to remove so we have plenty of room to work with. We will let the strap lower the exhaust. 01:06

We are looking at the passenger side of the vehicle. We are going to have to remove these three bolts right here. The bolt heads are on the other side of course and we are going to remove those three bolts and that will loosen up the bumper bracket here and the end of the frame. We have got our bolts removed from the frame and the bumper structure. You will see that the bumper structure itself is loose now and being held up by the rest of the bumper cover which is fine. The hitch is going to fit in between this space right here, between the bumper structure and the body. We are going to have to slip it in between there, push the bumper structure up, and then get the bolt started. Also what we are going to do is just on one hole to hold the hitch up we are going to use a small screwdriver to hold everything together to make everything a little bit more closer when you thread in the other bolts. 02:04

We are going to use new hitch bolts to install the hitch through the existing fasteners. We just want to get them started and we will just leave it at that. The next step is to fish wire the bolts into the frame,the attachment points will go towards the front of the vehicle. It is best to use a bolt leader to accomplish that. The kit does not come with that, it is sold separately as part number 80101-1. To use this we are going to push it through the attachment point we are going to use on the hitch and through the frame. Reach in and try to pull it out the access hole. We are going to slide on our block and our bolt is going to fit through that block and go into the frame. Lets push that through now and then we will thread on our bolt. We will push that into the frame and on to this we will loosely install our lock washer and nut. We will do the same thing again back over on the driver side. After that we will torque them down as specified in the instructions. The first bolt you want to get installed is the top bolt. That way everything will get pretty close to lining up and then it will be easier to add your exhaust hanger back to the vehicle. Now we can slip the exhaust back into position. We will take off the strap and lets not forget about the last hanger. With the mufflers reinstalled that will finish it. We have got the vehicle off the lift now, lets give you a couple of measurements. On this particular vehicle from the top of the receiver opening down to the ground is 12 inches and the center of the hitch pin to the outside edge of the bumper is seven inches. There you have it for part number 36292 from Draw-Tite on this 2005 Monte Carlo.

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