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etrailer Generators - Inverter - 333-0001 Review

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Review of etrailer Generators 333-0001

Speaker 1: Today we're taking a look at an etrailer 2,000 Watt Portable Inverter Generator.This unit provides a portable power source. Starting watts is 2,000, and running watts is 1600. This is great for RVing, camping, work sites, and really any application that calls for needing portable power. If you need more power, you can actually operate this unit in parallel with other models. If pairing with the same model, you can use the included parallel cables. If pairing with a different model, then you will need to purchase a parallel kit.It comes with a variety of items to get you started.

It does come with your engine oil. This is SAE 10W-30 engine oil. It comes with your oil funnel. It also comes with the wrench needed for your spark plug. Screwdriver, so that way you can pop off the access panels.

And it comes with your parallel cables, and it comes with a 30 amp adapter.It is RV ready, so the included adapter is a 15-30P. It's a TT-30R adapter, which would be used in this port here, so that way, with whatever 30-amp plug your RV has on the power cord, you can plug it directly into this portable inverter generator.Located on top, we have the carrying handle. It makes the unit easy to transport. Dry weight of the unit is 45.9 pounds. On the bottom, it does feature padded rubber feet, so the unit doesn't move or shift around when it's running.

It also offers pretty quiet operation. It has what's called the Whisper series muffler, and the noise level is 59 decibels.The unit's compact. It's built to last. It features an 80-cc, single cylinder, air-cooled, 4-stroke OHV engine. OHV is overhead valve, for longer life, higher performance, and lower maintenance.The gas tank on the unit is a 0.9 gallon gas tank.

This is our gas cap right here. It uses clean and fresh regular unleaded gasoline, with a minimum 87 octane. The tank cap, which is located right here, features a fuel lever vent, so you turn this valve to the on position to supply air to the tank. That's a nice feature of unit as well, built into the top of the tank cap.Now, run time will vary, depending on how it's used, but it has up to a nine hour run time at 25% load. The unit offers clean power with less than 3% THD, or total harmonic distortion, so it's great for charging your electrical components, like phones, tablets, and laptops.Overall, I think it's a really sleek system. It comes with a start-up guide, or a quick reference guide. If you have the space available to hang this up, it's like poster size. It has basically everything you need to know to get it up and running. Great reminders for every time that you start and operate and use this unit. And it also comes with a nice owner's manual. Very detailed owner's manual, walks you through everything you need to know about your product, step by step.Now, I do want to spin this around and talk about it a little bit more. Like I said, we do have the carrying handle right here. We have the fuel lever vent, the fuel cap, and then one of my favorite features about the unit is how good the control panel looks. Everything is right here. We have the recoil starter. That's our pull cord and handle right there.We have, on the back side, the muffler and spark arrester. We also have the maintenance cover, which is on this side, so any type of maintenance that you need to do, like filling the oil, and getting access to the air filter, that can be done right there behind that maintenance cover. And again, it does come with the tool kit, so you can get that off of there. Also, you have the spark plug access cover, which is located right here. You just slide that off, and then you have easy access to where the spark plug is located.Coming back over to the control panel, I just want to go over everything that this unit has to offer. Right here, you're going to notice two ports. Also, I want to point out that all the ports where you can plug into has a nice dust cap that goes over it, so that's going to keep the unit protected. It's going to keep it safe from dirt and moisture that tries to get into those connection points when they're not being used. These two right here are the parallel operation outlets. These outlets are used for connecting, again, a couple of the inverter generators together for parallel operation. If you do need the etrailer parallel kit, that is sold separately, but again, if you're paralleling, or pairing this with another e2000, then you can use the supplied cables. But if you're using a different model, then you will need the parallel kit.Also, right next to those, you got a push button here. That's your circuit breaker. The receptacles are protected by an AC circuit protector. If your generator is overloaded, or an external short circuit occurs, the circuit protector will trip. Then we have this port here. This is the L5-30R receptacle. It provides 30 amps of AC current that can be drawn from this receptacle. Also, again, don't forget, it has the adapter that can go in there. This one is the 120 volt 20 amp receptacle, which provides 20 amps of current that can be drawn from the 120 volt receptacle.Then we have our LED indicators right here. The top one is the output ready indicator light. That remains on during normal operation conditions, and then it shuts off when the generator is overloaded. The green AC power indicator light comes on when the engine starts, and generates power. Right below that, we have the overload indicator light. This light turns on when the generator is overloaded, and will cut power to the receptacles. So, a lot of safety features built into the unit.And then the bottom one is the oil warning indicator light. You'll want to check the oil level when this light turns on. Just keep in mind that the engine will not run when the indicator is lit, and that's because it won't start until the proper amount of oil is in the crank case. Some built-in safety feature of the unit.Then right here, we have the choke knob. Then directly below that, we have our economy control switch. That's a neat feature about this unit. The economy control switch can be activated in order to minimize fuel consumption and noise when operating the unit during times of reduced electrical output, so that allows the engine speed to idle during periods of non-use. Then the engine speed returns to normal when electrical load is connected. So, when the economy switch is off, the engine runs at normal speed continuously. That's a great benefit to have.Then next to that, we have the engine switch. You can flip the switch to the on position, and pull the recoil starter to start the generator, and then turn it to the off position to turn off the generator. Below that, we have the 5 volt USB outlet, so if you have any type of accessories or electronics that use a USB cable, you can plug directly into that. Again, this does feature and promote clean power. Then you have the fuel valve knob located right here. That pretty much does it for the control panel.Again, it's easy to access. Everything is right here where you need it. Then again, on this side, we have the gas cap.When it comes to the dimensions of the unit, I did mention that it's a nice compact unit. We're looking at about 20" long by 16-3/4" tall by about 12-1/8" wide. The rated AC voltage is 120 volts. The rated frequency is 60 hertz.That's going to do it for today's look at the etrailer 2,000 Watt Portable Inverter Generator.

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