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Yakima - Ladder Racks - Y01163 Review

Today we're gonna take a look at the Yakima ladder roller. This is gonna be a handy accessory to have on the back of either your roof rack and ladder rack system to help you load any heavy items. Things like a kayak or maybe some lumber or longer ladder. And basically this just kind of drops below that back bar and lets you roll that item up. Makes it a little easier especially if you're loading something up on to your roof or that ladder rack by yourself.So you don't have to have that extra set of hands to help you get that thing loaded up. It's gonna come with everything you see here.

We'll have our roller itself, the two brackets. These are gonna mount on to the ends of our roller. And then they'll be a little cotter pin that we'll out in place to keep that stable. We'll have two cotter pins and then the hardware for attaching it to our bar is going to be this bolt with that lock tight already on there. A nice thick washer.

And then you'll have two plates. One will be for the HD bars. That will be this thicker plate. This is designed to work with those thicker teeth slots to take up the gap there. If you're using this on one of the other Yakima bars like the Jet Stream flush bar and the rail bar, then you'll use this thinner square nut.

That allows you to slide the bracket into the teeth slot and get it tightened down.It does come with the Allen wrench. To get that tightened down, you'll need to tighten it to about four Newton meters. So pretty tight, but hand tight. You don't wanna crank it down and crush anything. Just make sure that it's snug and it doesn't move around on your bar.

This does have a weight capacity of 75 pounds so that should be enough for most lumber and other applications that you would be putting up on top of those bars. The roller itself is 24 inches long so it should give you plenty of width there. And I like the design, that it does drop down below the bar. So it's not gonna obstruct anything sitting on top of the bar there. It's just gonna help to roller those things on and just make life a little bit easier.Pretty easy insertion as I said. Includes all the hardware and everything that we need to get it installed. Everything's made of a durable steel construction with a powder coat. It's not gonna have any rust or corrosion. The roller itself is made of a sort of plastic material. So it's not gonna scratch or scuff up any of your items especially a haul on your boat, if you're putting up a kayak or canoe up there. This does come with a limited lifetime warranty from Yakima. And again as far as our dimensions overall this is gonna be 25 and 3/4 inches long. The roller itself is gonna be a little bit shorter. It's gonna be 24 inches long. Then this is going to be about two inches wide in diameter and our bracket overall will be four and 3/4 inches long.And that's gonna do it for our quick look at the ladder roller for Yakima.

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