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Review of Way Interglobal RV Vents and Fans 324-000033

Speaker 1: Today we're taking a look at the 42" Ceiling Fans for RVs.Now, this ceiling fan is perfect for adding a new, replacing, or upgrading an old ceiling fan in your RV. This ceiling fan does a great job at pushing air around, so it creates really nice air circulation, and that's due to the nice angled blade design. All the necessary brackets, hardware, and wiring are included for an easy installation. It also comes with detailed installation instructions to help walk you through that whole process step by step.Now, this fan features schoolhouse style light kit, and uses one 60 watt A15C bulb. The bulb is not included, so you will need to provide that on your own. To install the bulb, you'll need to remove this globe here, and you do that by removing, or loosening up the three screws that hold it in place.

This drops down, and then you can install your bulb. Place this back over the bulb, and tighten the hardware to make it secure.Now, this fan is available in a lot of different finishes at etrailer.com, so you can definitely get one that'll match the interior of your RV. The base and the accents are available in rubbed bronze and brushed nickel. The blades are two sided, so you'll have a different finish on each side. That way, you can choose what works best for you.

You can check out all of those options at etrailer.com.Now today, I'm showing you a fan that has the brushed nickel finish on the base and the accents, and the blades are cherry on one side and oak on the other. I have it to where the oak side is showing.This fan features a nice four blade design. It offers three different speeds, so you have low, medium, and high. I'll show you those here in a minute. You have the pull chains.

This one right here controls the light, which I do not have a bulb installed, since it does not come with one. This one over here controls the fan or the blade speed, so you can pull the chain to operate the fan, and pull this chain to operate the light. Pull it once, it's going to move it to high speed, so it starts out at high, and then it goes to medium, and then it goes to low. Also, I want to point out, on this side over here, there's a built-in switch, and that allows you to easily change the rotation that the blades are spinning, so it allows you to change to rotation direction so the reversible motor allows for all season comfort control.Now again, this is a 42" ceiling fan. That's measured from the outer edge of one blade to the outer edge of the other.

Now this is on high. There's a few things I want to point out. When I'm looking for a fan, I want to make sure that when it's operating on high, we're not experiencing a lot of wibble and wobble, and as you can see on this unit, it's structurally sound. We don't have hardly any movement at all. I'm just a few inches from the actual blades, and it's a very quiet operation.Now we'll pull it again, and we'll let it run for a moment, and adjust down to the medium setting. While it does that, I do want to point out that the housing diameter, that's the portion of the fan that makes contact with the ceiling, that has a diameter of 8-7/8". When it comes to the energy information, on high, so at high speed, the air flow is 4056 CFM. That's cubic feet per minute of air flow. Air flow efficiency is 88 cubic feet per minute per watt, and the electricity usage is 49 watts. Again, that's all taken at high speed.This is medium, and I can feel the air coming down, so it really does a great job of pushing air. Then we'll let it run on low, and you can see that speed as well. But it's a really nice design, very quiet operation, and again, it's a nice, solid unit.This fan is designed to be mounted using a ceiling outlet box. According to the instructions, plastic boxes are not recommended, and you definitely want to make sure that the outlet box is rated for use with a ceiling fan. It should have that indication on it if it is rated for use with a ceiling fan.This right here is the low speed, and then if we hit it one more time, it'll actually slow all the way down, and this is the off position.That's going to do it for today's look at the 42" Ceiling Fans with the Schoolhouse Style Light Kit.

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