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Review of Voyager RV Electronics WVOS43

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Voyager digital wireless observation system. This system allows you to see what's going on around your vehicle. The unit offers WiSight auto pairing. What that does is that allows the unit to connect to up to four wireless cameras without any wires needed to do the pairing process. That's going to allow the driver to see all the important angles of their vehicle at any time, even while on the road. The included rear camera, that's this unit right here this is going to feature a CMOS lens.

It's going to feature a built in microphone and excellent low light or night time performance. The system also transmits signals through and around objects up to 60 feet away. You can see the things that you're going to get laid out here on the table. You're going to get your 4.3 inch LCD monitor. It's got the nice access buttons right here.

Those are back lit too, once power is ran, you'll see a little light located right at the center of each button. It allows hitting the button a little bit easier, especially if the cab of your vehicle's a little bit darker or if it's night time outside. That's a nice feature of the unit. This does allow you to switch between mirror or normal view, that's selectable. It's going to come with a suction cup mount as well as the 12 volt DC power plug, that's included as well. That just goes into a cigarette lighter outlet or 12 volt power source outlet.

The suction cup has a three inch diameter. It sits on a nice ball and socket design, you can really rotate the monitor to the angle that works best for you. Again this monitor's going to support up to four wireless cameras and it's going to support one wired camera simultaneously. On the side here, you're going to have two inputs. You're going to have one for power and then one for a wired camera.

The adapter for a wired camera is included. Also, the nice compact size of the unit allows for easy storage in an armrest, glove box or center console when it's not being used. It can also display visual points of reference that indicate your vehicles distance from objects while backing up. It's going to feature a built in speaker, if your camera has a built in microphone, that built in speaker will allow you to hear what's going on around your vehicle. Everything is adjustable, you have dimming. You have brightness, contrast, you have volume, all that stuff's selectable here on the menu option of the actual monitor. When it comes to the size of the monitor, again it's going to be a 4.3 inch LCD screen. Edge to edge going this direction including the antenna there on the side, we're looking at about five and 3/4 of an inch. Up and down, it's going to be about three and a quarter. It's only going to give us a depth of about 7/8 of an inch. It is really nice and compact and it's going to provide a really great picture. When it comes to the camera, that's this unit right here, it's going to feature 14 infrared LEDs for low light illumination. The camera is powered through rear light wiring or any other available 12 volt DC power source. It's going to come with two wires on the wire harness. Red is going to be for the power. Black is going to be for your ground connection. Those have butt connectors on there as well for easy connecting. It's a really nice design. Mounting bracket, hardware and wiring harness is included. Now again it is a wireless system. What we mean by wireless is the signal that's transmitted. There's no wire that runs from this camera to this monitor. That's the wireless signal that we're talking about, but wires are needed to power each individual unit just not to connect the units together. When it comes to the dimensions of the camera, edge to edge this direction is about two and 3/4 of an inch. Height measurement, I'm going to say it's about two and a quarter. Then the depth from front to back is about two and 3/8 of an inch deep. The antenna measures four and 13/16 of an inch long. The mounting bracket that it comes with measures three inches by an inch and a quarter. Again mounting hardware is included with the kit. That's going to do it for today's look at the Voyager digital wireless observation system.

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