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Review of Voyager RV Electronics VCMS50RWT

Today we're going to be looking at the Voyager camera with LED blue light assist. This is for the right hand side of your RV. This camera delivers real-time images of the vehicles surroundings and that's really going to help a driver when it comes to changing lanes, merging and making wide turns. This is a side-mount camera. It's designed for the right hand side of your RV. This CMOS camera is anti-blooming which means the bright areas that can appear around images are illuminated.

This feature makes this camera more effective in high light and low light environments. CMOS is a camera centered technology and it stands for Complimentary Metal Oxide Semiconductor. This camera is an infrared LED camera. It's going to feature low light assist for easy to see images in low light conditions, like at night. It's going to feature higher performance color optics and it is designed for the right hand side of the RV. Right hand side installation.

It's going to feature corrosion resistant aluminum housing that's strong and durable. On the bottom is a rubber base that protects the mounting area and creates a tight seal to keep out dirt and moisture. The cord is going to come with a grommet right here. That's going to create a tight seal to keep out dirt and moisture at the pass through location. It's a completely water-proof design, features an IP69K rating. Taking a look at the overall dimensions, the unit is going to stick out from the RV.

So from the mounting surface to the edge of the camera is about 1 3/4" of an inch, to 1 7/8" of an inch. So it's going to be the overall depth from the mounting location. Measuring side to side, going this direction we're looking at about one and . it's measuring about 1 5/8" of an inch, and the overall depth, or the overall length of the unit, that's going to get a measurement of about 3 1/4" inches. The housing is white in color.

What you see on the table is what comes with this part number, as well as a set of installation instructions. So basically this is just your rubber base. Camera system is inside this housing. This is your mounting platform, so to remove the base from the mounting platform all you've got to do is take out the single screw here. That's going to allow for easier installation of the unit at the mounting location. It's got four mount hole design. Mounting hardware is included and the unit comes with a nice easy to use, mounting template. That is matched up perfectly with the base and the mount tools of the camera system. Other components of the camera system, like a monitor, control station, wiring extensions, wiring harnesses, all of that is going to be sold separately. So it does come with the shorter wire here. About 25 to 27 inches long. It's got the quick connect design on it that's designed to work with the complete system. That's going to do it for today's look at the Voyager camera with LED low light assist for the right hand side of your RV.

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