Voyager RV Camera VCMS155 Review

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Review of Voyager RV Electronics VCMS155

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Voyager Rear Camera with LED Low Light Assist. Now, this rear camera allows you to see what's behind your vehicle. This camera would be a great addition to your RV or motor home. It's going to feature a high performance CMOS sensor. It's a really nice unit. It's going to offer high performance color optics.

The unit features infrared LEDs. You can see those right here. That's going to allow for low light enhancement, so it makes it easier to see at night, that's night vision or in low light or low lit conditions. It's going to feature a total of 10 LEDs. This camera does feature a waterproof design with an IP69K rating.

It's going to feature 155 degree wide angle viewing, provides optimal blind zone visibility and improved depth of field. Located at the front of the camera, off to the side right here, that small little area. That's going to be a built in microphone. Not only can you clearly see what's behind your RV or motor home, it's going to allow you to hear what's going on at the back of your RV or motor home. On the back of the unit is a push button switch. This allows you to switch from standard viewing to mirror image viewing.

The housing of the camera is a corrosion resistant aluminum housing. It's white in color, gives it a really nice look. The aluminum construction as well as the nice finishing on it protects the housing and the bracket from rust and corrosion. The bracket is included as well as the hardware to get the bracket attached to the camera and the tool. That's going to allow the camera to be adjusted to an angle that works best for your application. The wiring harness is going to allow for easy connecting to your system.

This right here is a standard four pin connector and it's going to feature a nice O-ring there as well as a secure connection point, that is rated as a waterproof connector. It also has a grommet on the harness. This would pass through the RV, allow the wiring to pass through and create a nice tight seal to keep weather from entering the vehicle. That creates a nice tight seal at the point where the wiring passes through from the exterior of the vehicle to the interior of the vehicle. Taking a look at the overall dimensions real quick starting with the overall width. This is with the bracket installed, not including the hardware. Just from the edge of one side of the bracket to the same point on the other side is about 2 and 7/8 of an inch wide. Overall height is going to be around 2 and a half inches tall. Overall depth that's going to give us a measurement of about 2 inches deep. Then the bracket itself measures one inch by about 2 and 7/8 of an inch. Multiple holes there, which allows for easy installation. Again that bracket has those elongated slots there so you can really rotate that camera to get the best angle you need for your application. That's going to do it for today's look at Voyager Rear Camera with LED Low Light Assist.

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