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Voyager RV Camera - Observation Camera - WVHS541 Review

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Review of Voyager RV Camera WVHS541

Speaker 1: Today we're gonna be taking a look at the voyager Y sight RV observation camera system with monitor and mount. This is a wireless system and comes with a 5.6 inch screen.The nicest thing about this again is that it's going to be a wireless system so you don't have to worry about too much complicated wiring to get this all hooked up.It's going to come with the camera to mount on your RV. There is a adapter so you can mount the pre-wired furion plate. This is just gonna screw into that back portion of your RV at the top. It comes with 2 screws to mount that in place. Then the wires coming off of that are going to go to power and ground.

You'll connect that to the back of your camera to the port there. There's 4 mounting holes to get that camera in place. It does come with the screws as well to mount that camera up.The camera is going to be a waterproof housing. It can be adjusted to several different angles to get the best viewing for your RV. You just adjust the bolts on either side.

There's gonna be 3 on either side. It does come with a small allen wrench to tighten or loosen those as you need them. It also has some inferred LEDs to provide night time vision so even at night or in low light situations you'll still be able to see where you're going.Now to get that installed there will be a little bit of drilling required to get that installed. So keep that in mind. As far as the screen goes, that's just going to connect to your windshield using the suction cup here.

This mount has a lot of adjustability so you can get it contoured to any angle you need it.There are 2 pivot points on that mount to adjust the angle in and out, you just have to loosen up the little screw there and you can adjust it as you need to. There's also a ball socket joint so you can adjust the screen angle as well. That just mounts to the back of the screen using the 4 provided screws that attach to the back there. And you can also see if I adjust this out, give you a little better view, on the back of that screen there's a port to plug in your power for thew monitor. This is just gonna clip in right in that back port there and then this goes to a 12 volt DC power outlet like your cigarette lighter or any other 12 volt outlet inside your vehicle or RV.

They also have a pre installed little zip tie there so once you get your wiring in place, you can just secure that down and that's gonna keep it from coming out accidentally.Another nice thing about this system is that the CMOS sensor is gonna stream that high quality video even at high speed and it can reach up to 60 feet away so even if you have a really large RV this is still gonna get good signal to transmit into your monitor.The transmitter is built into that camera so it's going to simplify the setup on this and its just easy to pair this, you just press one button and it'll pair the monitor with the camera right away. Now this system does support up to 4 wireless cameras or 3 wireless cameras and one wired voyager camera. You can adjust the brightness easily with the monitor buttons down at the bottom of the screen. You've got power, there's the pair button to pair it with the camera, brightness, up, brightness down, brightness up, and volume settings as well. So you can also hear what's going on behind your RV with the camera.As far as the measurements on these, the screen is going to measure 5 and 13/16ths inches tall by 5 and 3/16ths inches wide and then it's gonna be about an inch and a half thick. The screen itself diagonally measures 5 and 5/8ths. As far as our camera goes, its going to be 4 and a half inches wide by 2 and 3 quarters inches tall, and 3 inches deep. The mounting holes on the back are gonna be 4 and 15/16ths apart and 1 and 7/16ths tall.So that's gonna do it for our look at the Voyager Y sight RV observation camera system with monitor and mount.

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