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UWS Toolbox - Crossover - UWS07300 Review

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Review of UWS Toolbox UWS07300

Today, we're going to review part number UWS07300. This is the UWS Truck Bed Toolbox. This is an extra wide crossover style and it is a ProGrade Series which is a steel construction. This ProGrade Series toolbox from UWS is built tough. It will provide superior durability and security. It has a fully welded base which is constructed of a heavy duty 14-gauge steel for dependability.

You can carry extra heavy loads. You can toss in your tools and your cargo and not have to worry about any damage to the toolbox. To keep rust to a minimum, each ProGrade toolbox has an extra durable DuraCoat finish. This vibrant black powder coat not only protects your toolbox from scratches and corrosion but it looks great. On the side here, it has the unique quick pull handles that you would just pull out and let you access your toolbox quickly and easily.

From either side, there's the handle here and one on the other side. You just simply pull it and a rigid foam filled lid will automatically open a full 90 degrees. It's a fully articulating action. Thanks to the built-in heavy duty cylinders right here that lifts the lid, and it also has a full length piano hinge. These components will make your toolbox more secure as well.

The quick pull handles feature a key lock on the driver's side that it housed in a durable rust proof stainless steel and the connecting rod right in here that runs the length of the lid. It's enclosed to prevent any bending or damaging of this rod from any tools inside your toolbox. As you can see, it closes easily, and on one side if you just pull on the handle, it will put and raised automatically. This is a crossover style that sits on your vehicle's truck bed side rails behind the cab. It's a very wide box which will provide more storage space than your standard toolboxes.

Again, it's a heavy duty 14-gauge steel, fully welded that supports the extra load. Again, the quick pull handles on the side. There is a lock on this right here and it comes with two keys. It also comes with a sliding tray on the inside and the mounting hardware to install this to your truck bed. Again, this lid is a foam filled lid which will give it strength and rigidity. Again, the full length piano hinge, it runs the full length of the toolbox. The heavy duty gas struts one on each side which will automatically open the lid 90 degrees and it does have weather stripping around the whole outer edge of the lid. This part is made in the USA. I do want to give you a few overall dimensions on this. The total length on this toolbox is going to be 70 inches. The width is 27 inches and the overall height is going to be about 15 inches. Then if you close the lid, that will add an extra inch to the height. The height above your bed rails will be about 4 inches and the total usable capacity on the inside is going to be 14.6 cubic feet. This toolbox does come with a limited lifetime warranty and that should do it for review on part number UWS07300.

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