UWS Toolbox - Crossover - UWS06208 Review

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Review of UWS Toolbox UWS06208

Today we are going to review part number UWS06208. This is the UWS low-profile deep truck bed toolbox. It is a cross over style that does have the secure lock system. This cross over saddle style toolbox hangs from your truck bed rails behind the cab. It is aluminum construction with fully welded seams. Its guaranteed not to rust.

Its finished in a black powder coating, which is the best base finish if youre going to paint it to match the color of your truck. It has two large stainless steel twist style handles with a lock on the drivers side. You turn it both handles will open. Youll be able to open the lid. On the inside, itd be hard to see but there is an enclosure that will protect the connecting rod of the two handles from any damage being done with something that youd be storing in your toolbox.

It has a beveled lid feature with that also ahs a patented foam filled lid which will provide insulation and protection from the elements. Also, that foam-filled lid is a structural foam, which will reinforce the shape and strength of the lid. So basically, you should be able to be on one end and just close it, and the whole lid would close, very easy close and then you just turn this. That would hold it down to lock it just turn that, remove the key, they give you two keys and that would lock it on both ends. Then just to open it up like that.

Now it does have a foam padding on the lid which when you close it will help seal the box from any of the elements or dirt and dust from getting in. they do have heavy duty gas cylinders one on help to lift the lid and hold it open a full 90 degrees and across the lid when it attaches to the toolbox the full length of the lid is a piano hinge which will runs the full length. Now there is a plastic sliding tray on the inside that will hold any small items and organize anything. It does come with a J-Bolt installation hardware, which is included. This is made in the USA.

Now the dimensions on this. Let me give you a few dimensions. The overall length on this toolbox 72 inches, the width is 19-14/4 and the height 17-1/2 inches. Now when you do close the lid you would have to add an inch for the lid being closed. The total capacity on the inside is 10.9 cubic feet of usable space. The construction is a 0.063 aluminum trade plate and on top of the box sits just above the bed rails, and again this comes with a one-year warranty and that should do it for review on part number UWS06208.

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