UWS Toolbox - Liquid Transfer Tank - UWS03510 Review

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Review of UWS Toolbox UWS03510

Today were going to review part number UWS03510. This is the UWS 50 gallon L-shaped transfer tank including a chest toolbox. This part is a chest toolbox which is welded to the L-shaped transfer tank. The transfer tank is a rust proof aluminum alloy construction and includes built in mounting flanges for the installation. The tank does come with a commercial grade vented cap. Basically if you just push down on it, rotate it the cap will come off and then you can just push down to install it.

Now your cap can be installed on either side if you unscrew the whole cap. You can actually remove this tab over here and install it on that side if you prefer it on the other side so whichever side youd want it installed in. That is a capacity of 50 gallons. It is not designed to carry anything flammable like gasoline. The next part right here is out chest toolbox.

It is also aluminum construction with fully welded seams which are guaranteed not to rust. It does have the stainless steel paddle handle latch on front that you can open it up. Now this part does have the beveled notch lid which has a patented foam filled lid. This lid will provide insulation and protection from the elements. It is also structural foam which will reinforce the shape and strength of the lid.

There is a dust seal that goes around the whole inside of the lid so that when you close it it will seal everything that you have on the inside will be protected from the outside elements. It also has on each side a heavy duty gas cylinder which will help lift the lid and hold it open a full 90 degrees. Basically you can see that when I open this lid you can pretty much see that the cylinders are actually opening it itself. You dont have to do any lifting and also the lid is held on by the full length piano hinge, which helps keep the lid stable and secure. This part is made in the USA.

It also comes with a stainless steel lock with two keys that you can turn it a quarter of a turn and that will prevent the latch from opening. A few dimensions on this. The overall dimension is going to be 36 inches long. Overall is going to be 32 inches wide. 22 inches high. Now just the toolbox chest itself is going to be the 36 inches. It is going to be a width of 24 inches and the overall height of just the toolbox is going to be 14 inches. Again the transfer tank capacity was 50 gallons. The tool chest capacity is 7 cubic feet of usable space. The tank is built of a 125 gauge heavy duty aluminum alloy. The toolbox chest is a .063 aluminum tread plate. Now it does require a pump which would be sold separately. This does come with a one year warranty. That should do it for a review on part number UWS03510.

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