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Review of Thule Luggage - Backpack - TH3203905

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Thule Luggage - Backpack - TH3203905 Review

Michael: Hi there. I'm Michael with Today we're going to take a quick look at a product for you on-the-go photographers. This is the Thule Enroute camera backpack with tablet sleeve. It's going to allow you to transport all of your equipment and gear with you very conveniently. Now my mother-in-law is a professional photographer, so I can't help think about her when I'm looking at a product like this, and I know how much equipment she takes out with her when she goes out on a shoot.So when I look at this bag, the first thing I think of is wow, there are a lot of compartments there.

You should be able to store quite a bit of gear, and take just about everything that you need with you. So when we look at the side here, of course we have our camera compartment with the zipper, that I'm having a hard time finding. There we go. So this compartment opens up. This is a padded area for our camera.

One of the nice things about it is we do have these padded sleeves here that we can adjust to have the hook and loop on them so that they will stick to the padding on the inside there, so we can make sure that our camera is nice and snug there. It's not going to be jostled around as we move.We can also remove this whole compartment to make it a more spacious. If we want to take other equipment with us, or if we want to carry the camera on its own or to just leave it at home. It's not very easy to do, which is probably a good thing, because you don't want this to just come sliding out with your camera in it. But you can remove this section.

Pull it out there. You can see got a little handle on top and it is a nice, thick padding to help support our camera while it's in there. Or if we want to have it removed, carry it along with us. So that's a nice feature there you can easily remove that. Gives us more room on the inside for some of our other luggage.You can see this has a little pocket there for like a lens cleaner, little things like that.

So on the other side, we've got a pouch we can open up. This is going to be good for like your water bottle. If you're going out hiking, it's important to stay hydrated. So we can put that in there, or maybe even a tripod. Help us keep our shot steady. This also has the strap and buckle in it. If we have that tripod or a bigger item, we can put the base in the pocket and then strap it in there.On the front side, we've got a little personal compartment with a couple of pockets there on the front. We've got a zipper, so we can store small things like snacks, telephone, maybe your business cards depending on what kind of photography you're doing. On the backside, we've got a compartment, padded compartment for our computer. So that is going to allow us to take our computer along if we want to edit our pictures on our trip home. This does accommodate up to a 15-5/8 inch laptop. So you can see a 15 inch MacBook is fitting just find in there.This pocket here is going to be for an iPad, or a tablet about 10-1/2 inches max there. And then we have a couple other slots here for maybe a notepad or a wallet, maybe even a small external hard drive. So like I said, there is a lot of compartments here. And we're coming to our main compartment. So this is our buckled compartment. It does have a magnetic closure to it. And as you can see it is a rolled style, which is going to give us a lot of versatility in how much we can pack in this bag.So if we have a lot of stuff packed in, say maybe we're going hiking. So we want to have a lot of different layers of clothing with us. We can just roll that a couple of times, create more space in there. We don't need as much space, we can roll it a few more times and then get a buckled down. So lots of versatility there. That is not our only access to that main compartment. We also have a few zippers on the side here. So this is going to give us access to the lower portion of the compartment. And the other side we're going to have access to the upper portion of the compartment. So that's really nice. We're not going to have to reach in from the top to get something from the bottom.If we've got a pair of socks down there, we're not going to have to dig through everything else to get to those. We can get to what we want. So very handy there. We also have yet another compartment here at the front. So we can throw even more clothes, maybe a sock, cap, and gloves, something like that in there. It's pretty spacious compartment. And then on the other side we've got a sewn in daisy chain so we can hook up our carabineers and haul even more on our pack.Now, keep in mind the water bottle I've shown and the carabineers that I'm using are not included with the backpack. Just using them as props, as well as the camera, and laptop. Everything that I've got loaded in here. So lots of different options for you there. All of our pockets do have that blue, bright color, so we can easily see what's in there. Make sure that we're finding everything very easy. And with all the different compartments that we have, it should be very easy to keep everything organized so you can quickly find what you need.One thing I will point out, I have not been able to find a really good place for our extra lenses. It could fit in the side pocket over here instead of a water bottle or tripod, but it doesn't really seem like it was designed for that. I know my mother-in-law takes two or three lenses with her when she goes out on a shoot and it's probably not something that you want to just throw in your main compartment there. So if you're one of those who takes multiple lenses with you, that might be something for you to consider.But overall I think this is going to be a great option for you. It is a backpack, and so you can see our straps here. They are padded as well as our back pad. When I put it on it is very comfortable thanks to all that padding. And one thing that I really like about it is this chest strap and buckle, which kind of makes it more of like a hiking pack in my mind. So this is adjustable. You can raise it up and down, the strap there. But you can see how this is kind of pulling it towards my chest and distributing that weight across my chest, rather than pulling back on my shoulders. That's going to allow us to haul more weight in the bag and carry it for a longer period of time, because it's going to create less muscle fatigue on our shoulders. So that's a nice option there.We also have a loop here that we can mount onto our luggage if we're taking this through the airport. And just slide our luggage handle up through there, this will ride on top. Very easy to use. So the total capacity of this bag is about 25 liters. And it's kind of hard to give you an exact measurement of the size, and just because it is really going to depend on the amount of stuff you have in here, how full it's packed. But I do want to give you some guidelines, general measurements here.So our height is right about 18-1/2 inches. Our depth, going a little bit out of order from the chart there, but our depth is right about eight inches. And our overall width, we're looking at close to 12 inches. The bag only weighs about four pounds, so it's going to be very light. You can add a lot in here before it's going to get too heavy. Now this is the black option. If you prefer, we also have a dark forest color. It's the same bag, same measurements, same capacity, same pockets, everything is exactly the same, just the color is a dark forest. So if you prefer that bag, we do also sell that here at, you can find it using the part number on your screen there.This does come with a limited lifetime warranty from Thule. And like I said, I think this is going to be a great option for you overall, going to allow you to pack a lot in here, not just your camera, but multiple layers of clothes, computer, all those different things. The one downside I see is that there's not a dedicated space for your extra lenses, but that might not be a big deal for you, so something to consider. But I think overall it's going to be a great bag for you. So that's going to complete our look at the Thule Enroute camera backpack. Thanks for watching.

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