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Review of Thule Luggage - Backpack - TH3203836

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Thule Luggage - Backpack - TH3203836 Review

Michael: Hi there. I'm Michael with Today, we're going to take a quick look at the Thule Crossover 2 laptop backpack with iPad sleeve. This is going to be a very versatile backpack that's going to hold all your gear and it's going to also offer protection for your laptop, tablet and other accessories.Our rear pocket here is a padded compartment for your laptop. It is going to hold a 15.6 inch laptop or smaller. It's also going to provide a sleeve inside here for your files and other documents.

This whole compartment is padded to the exterior side and on the bottom, so it's going to be a good place to store your electronic devices. Our large pocket, this is going to be our main compartment. It's got a soft lined sleeve here for our iPads or other tablets that are 10.1 inches or smaller. We've also got a slip part pocket on the other side here, again for some files and documents. We've also got room in the middle for some of our textbooks, notebooks, larger items like that.We also have a zippered pocket here at the front that we can store some of our lip balm or other small personal items there on the front.

We've got a crush proof, safety zone compartment. That's going to be great for our sunglasses, our phones, other fragile items like that. It does have a nice protective cover on there, so make sure that those sensitive items don't get smushed or broken. Our front compartment here, we got several slip pockets for a calculator or notebooks, things like that. Also got room for pens, note cards.

We've got a power pocket on the front, this little mesh area here. It's got on the bottom there, there's a little hole so that you can put a external battery in this, so you could charge up your phone or other device while you have it stored in there. Very convenient to have that capability.On the sides, we do have the zippered gusset pockets. These are going to be great for storing your water bottles or an umbrella. Have seen a couple of questions about the size of water bottle that can be carried in there.

I've got a GSI Outdoor MicroLite 33 fluid ounce water bottle here. This is going to be about the same size as some of your popular, larger bottle brands like Hydro Flasks or Nalgene. And this will fit in there. It's pretty snug and you obviously won't be able to zip up that pocket but it will hold that bottle just fine. We've got one on that side. And then on the other side, we've also got another pocket, just like it, except on this side, we've got an additional pocket here with our RFID block. If you've got any sensitive items that you're wanting to protect from any of that RFID scanning, you can put them in that pocket. And then we've also got this small zippered pocket on the side here for any of our smaller items that we need to get to quickly and easily.This is a backpack so we've got the two straps. They're very padded with EVA foam so it's going to make it very comfortable when we put it on, and it's also going to provide comfort and breathability. We got the grab and go handle at the top here, make it easy to pick up from underneath our desk or when we're getting out of our vehicle, whatever the case may be. On the back side here, we also have this pass through panel so we can put this on top of our rolling luggage to more easily transport it through the airport. And you can see this is the forest green option. We have several different options here at We've also got the black option and the dress blue, and you can find those using the part numbers on the screen there.This is a 30 liter capacity bag. Thule also makes a very similar version for both 20 liter and 25 liters, just the difference in size, whatever you need. You want to make sure that you're getting the capacity that you need. This is the biggest option of the three. I think it's going to do a good job for college students, people that are needing a lot of that extra space for books and folders, notebooks, things like that, of course your computer as well.It is kind of difficult to give you a hard dimensions for something like this, because it is going to depend on how full you have it packed. But I do want to give you some general guidelines. Our height is right about 18 and a half inches. Our width, we're looking at close to 12 and five eighths of an inch. I'll throw that graphic back up there for you. And then our depth is close to right about eight and a quarter of an inch, I'd call it.The aluminum hardware inside here and the water resistant nylon that this is made out of are going to combine to create a nice, lightweight, durable bag. If you're not familiar, Thule does a really good job of making bags. They try and put a lot of thought into all their compartments and making use of all the space. Thule bags are very dependable. They're going to do a good job for you. This does come with a limited lifetime warranty from Thule so you know they stand behind their products. It's going to hold up well and do a good job for you.That's going to complete our look at the Thule Crossover 2 laptop backpack. Thanks for watching.

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