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Tekonsha Brake Controller - Proportional Controller - 39510 Review

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Review of Tekonsha Brake Controller 39510

Today we are going to review part number 39510. This is the Tekonsha Voyager proportional brake controller. This brake controller will activate your trailer brakes in proportion to your vehicles braking action. It will automatically adjust the trailers braking based on deceleration of the towed vehicle. And it does activate immediately so there is no pausing like with your time delayed brake controllers.

It does have multiple mounting options, basically this would position within 90 degrees in a vertical plane, meaning this way. It will mount between a negative 20 which would be 20 degrees down, or a positive 70 in a vertical plane which would be up. So there is a 90 degree range. A minus 20 up to a positive 70. And horizontally, you do want this to be horizontal to the direction of travel. You do not want it to be turned that way or this way. And you can fine tune the adjustment braking power and aggressiveness right here with this knob. Right here is the LED monitor which will change color to alert you of the braking action of the trailer. The very front here you can see there is a built in slide bar manual override. This is used when you do need to in an emergency braking situation where you would need the brakes applied immediately.

Now on the back of this controller there is a plug that would plug into a harness. For an example here today we are going to use this pigtail harness, which actually has the plug on one end to fit the brake controller. And on the other end it just has the pigtail wires which will wire into your vehicle. This is a part #7894 that we do sell separately. Going to use that today to show you a demonstration. Now we also sell a plug in vehicle specific brake control wiring harness. We sell those separately. What that is, if your vehicle has a factory brake controller port, you can buy a harness for certain applications to reduce the installation time, and that harness would have the plug that would plug into the controller, and the other end instead of being the pigtails would have a plug that would match the factory brake controller port of your vehicle. So if that is available what you can do is check our fit guide online and that will tell you if your vehicle has a vehicle specific adapter available for your application.

Now this brake controller does come with the mounting bracket which mounts to the side right here, and the mounting hardware. It does come with a nice set of detailed instructions, and some pictures that will help you set up the brake controller. And again I mentioned we are going to give you a demonstration. I am going to take these pigtail wires and basically hook them up to a power source so we can show at least the light, how it changes colors. Once I get these all hooked up we will be ready to go. Ok, so we got them all hooked up to a power source. Here is the plug in. So basically we will just plug it in, turn on the power. Once you get power you will see a green light, that means it is connected. Now if the trailer was not connected, I will just unhook it here, you will see the light would not be on. So if the trailer is plugged in and connected you will see it gives a nice green light.

Basically the 1st thing you want to do is level this brake controller. And you will do that by taking this power knob and turning it all the way clockwise which will be full power. And then you would apply the brakes. And with holding the brake pedal you would go to this level adjustment knob over here and turn it. And you will see that it is green right now, and you will just start turning it to the back of the controller until you will see it will start turning to red. you can see how it changes to red, and what you want to do is then turn it back until you get a dim orange. Once you the dim orange that is your typical setting that you will want to start with. Then you can leave off the brakes. That will level the sensor on the inside. And then to adjust the power you have to do a test drive. what you will want to do is to go back to this power knob and put it at the 12 o'clock position, then go out and drive. Get it up to about 25 mph and apply the brakes. And then just adjust it from there. Application for this controller is trailers with up to four axles or eight brake assemblies. Now this is designed for use with electric brakes only. It will not work with electric over hydraulic. It does come with a five year limited warranty. That should do it for review on part number 39510 the Tekonsha Voyager proportional brake controller.

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