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Taskmaster Tires and Wheels - Tire with Wheel - AC16R6SM Review

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Review of Taskmaster Tires and Wheels AC16R6SM

Today we're going to take a look at the TaskMaster Contender, ST235/80R16 Radial Trailer Tire in a load range E on the sixteen inch silver modular steel wheel with the six on five and a half inch bolt pattern. Now this tire wheel assembly is ideal for boat trailers, stock trailers, utility trailers and even campers. The steel wheel is a modular design. When we say modular design, that's the one that has the round holes all the way around the wheel. It's very sturdy and corrosion resistant. The wheel goes through a three-step finishing process which will include first a phosphate zinc bath, then an e-coat primer, and then the silver powder coat on the front of the wheel. If we flip it around, the back of the wheel is lightly e-coated to reduce friction and provide rust resistance with less flaking. The wheel also uses the ITR technology which is improved torque retention.

It's designed to help keep your wheel securely in place on your trailer. They have the uncoated stud holes right here which are beveled to give you better clamp force or tension. The tire that's mounted on this is a radial tire. It is constructed with double steel belts, double polyester cords. It's great for highway use.

They do also use a nylon tread firming belt overlay to help prevent any tread separation. They do also use tread depth bars or tread wear indicators like you'll see on passenger car tires. Basically if you look on the shoulder about every twelve inches, you'll see a little triangle, and it's pointing up to the tread right where that marking is. If you look in the tread grooves, there's actually a raised area all the way in every groove. It's almost like a speed bump. Basically that tread wear indicator is at two-thirty-seconds tread.

What happens is when this wears down, and those tread wear indicators form a straight line all the way across, that's telling you the tire is worn out, two-thirty-seconds is when a tire is worn out, so that would tell you that it's worn out, when it wears down to that. Just by watching where the tread wear indicators are as you're driving on your tire, gives you a pretty good idea of how your tire is wearing. This is a special trailer tire design. It will couple the strength of a bias tire with the durability and stability of a radial tire. It is created specifically for trailers. It's not intended for use on any other vehicles.

This whole assembly does meet the Department of Transportation Specifications and it will exceed Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. A few specs, we'll start with the wheel. The diameter again is measured inside to inside, sixteen inch diameter. The width, six inches wide. Now the bolt pattern on this wheel is a six on five and a half inch bolt pattern. If you ever wanted to measure a bolt pattern on a wheel that's an even number of lugs, in this case six, all you have to do is pick any hole, measure from that hole directly across the hole right across from it, and you'll measure center from that hole to the center of the hole right across from it. On this one, if we measured it, it'd be five and a half inches, so six lug, five and a half inch bolt pattern. This wheel does use a wheel lug size of either a half inch by twenty or nine sixteenths by eighteen. Now the weight capacity on just the wheel by itself is thirty five hundred pounds. The pilot hole diameter, which is the large hole here in the center of the wheel, goes over the hub on your trailer, that diameter is four point two five inches. The tire size, which is stamped on the side wall, is ST for special trailer, 235/80R16. The R means it's a radial tire. It has a section width of nine point three inches. Overall diameter from the very bottom to the top when it's inflated is thirty point eight inches. The tire is a load range E, which means it's a ten ply rated tire. It has a maximum load capacity of three thousand, five hundred and twenty pounds at 80PSI. Now one last thing I do want to mention is most of your trailer tires nowadays are coming with a speed rating on them now. It is stamped on the tire and it's right down here, right where they put the size of the tire, real small by the rim. Right after it, you'll see two numbers. The load index 124/120, with the letter M at the end. The speed rating is designated by the letter, so the speed rating M is eighty-one miles per hour. That should do it for the review of the Taskmaster Contender, ST235/80R16 Radial Trailer Tire in a load range E, on a sixteen inch silver, modular steel wheel with the six on five and a half inch bolt pattern.