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Review of Superchips Performance Chip - Programmer w Monitor/Air Intake - SU3874-P11

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Superchips Performance Chip - Programmer w Monitor/Air Intake - SU3874-P11 Review

Hi there. I'm Michael with Today we're going to take a quick look at the Superchips Performance Kit, with your Flashpaq performance tuner and your jammer air intake. This kit is designed for your 1998 through 2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ. Basically, there's two different components that have been kitted together. Each component individually helps your performance on your Jeep, but putting them together obviously is going to increase that performance exponentially.

So your different components here, let's go over them individually first. So we have our jammer air intake. This is going to feature a polyethylene drying filter, which can be cleaned and reused, so it's going to cut down on maintenance costs there. You're not going to have to purchase a new one as frequently. Just clean that out.

This is a lot more efficient than your factory air filter. It's got a 97% better airflow than the factory filter.Overall, this is going to get more air to your engine so that your engine has more oxygen to combust, so you have more efficient combustion. It's going to increase the performance. You're going to have an increase of eight horsepower and 12 pounds per foot of torque. So this component on its own, obviously a great upgrade for your Jeep.

And then our performance tuner here, this is the Flashpaq tuner. This, if you're not familiar with what a tuner does, it basically works with the computer inside your vehicle and helps calibrate it for different functions. So this is going to give you the ability to go into a tow tuning, if you're pulling a trailer or another vehicle. If you're wanting to just travel down the road, it's got an economy tuning to give you better fuel efficiency. It can also recalibrate your speedometer.

If you're swapping out your gears and axles, you can control your engine idle for winching.It's also going to let you control your shift firmness and set your speed limiter. You can also turn on and off your tire pressure monitoring system. Overall, it's going to give you. Add up to 24 horsepower and 28 pounds per foot of torque. It does have a nice large color screen there. So it's going to be easy to work with. One of the nice things about a tuner like this is, it is going to allow you to see your trouble codes. So if your check engine light comes on, you can look at what is actually causing that problem. So if it's something serious, you know to take it into the mechanic. But if it's something super simple like your gas cap is loose or something, you can easily fix that yourself.Not have to worry about paying a mechanic to do it for you so it can lower your maintenance costs on things like that. It is internet updatable, so very easy to plug it into a computer, download the updates from the internet and get going. Both of these components are made here in the USA, and this kit is really designed to give you a performance upgrade right out of the box. So it's going to be very easy to get installed, get everything going to increase the performance of your Jeep. That's going to complete our look at the Superchips Performance Kit with Flashpaq. Thanks for watching.

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