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Review of Stromberg Carlson RV Jack Pads - Six Rubber 9 Inch Jack Foot Pads - SC49MR

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Stromberg Carlson RV Jack Pads - Six Rubber 9 Inch Jack Foot Pads - SC49MR Review

Hi there, I'm Michael with Today, we're gonna take a quick look at the Stromberg Carlson RV jack pad set. This set is gonna provide six of these rubber pads that will snap onto your nine inch round jack feet on your RV's Lippert, Pac Rim, or Venture leveling jacks. This is gonna make it much faster and easier for you to get your RV level, because these are going to be permanently installed on the bottom of your jack feet. It's gonna help eliminate the need to crawl under your motor home or travel trailer to position plastic pads or woodblocks. So each of these pads is right at 11 inches in diameter, so that increased surface area is going to help provide added support for your motor home.

It's gonna prevent your feet from sinking into soft ground. These are right at two inches tall. They're a nice heavy duty rubber construction. So it's going to help you grip uneven terrain and prevent the metal on your jack feet from rusting or bending. This will help to also protect the foot pads from rocks and roots.

It can also serve as a cushion so that the metal feet won't crack or chip your driveway. This six pad set can support a coach up to 100,000 pounds. So it is gonna be really nice there to make sure that you're not causing any damage to the area that you are parked on. And because they have that rubber construction, they are going to help dampen the vibration coming from inside your motor home, so that it's gonna help prevent any shifting by absorbing that vibration. You can see each one is gonna have this built-in drain to help release moisture so that there's not water sitting under your jack feet, potentially causing corrosion.

It's all gonna drain out so that your feet are gonna be in great condition. Like I said, you are just gonna have to install these one time. So, very simple to get installed. just lower your jack foot slightly, insert the foot into the shoe, and then just kinda use a screwdriver to stretch the rubber as necessary until it snaps in place. And once it's installed, you're not gonna need to remove and replace the pads or carry other jack pads or blocks around with you.

These will just stay on the jack foot. As you raise it up, go to your next destination and lower it down, it's always gonna be there providing that extra support for you. So really nice option for those of you who have those nine inch round jack feet. These are made here in the USA. So you can trust they're made to the high quality standards that we've come to know and trust for products that are made here in the US. So if you are looking for a six pack set, this is gonna be a great option for you. We do also carry a two-pack set and a four-pack set. We also have an individual if you we're to ever need to replace one, we've got that available here at as well. So we've got you covered. But I really like these. I think that you're gonna be very happy with them. So that you don't have to worry about those blocks and other options. So that's gonna complete our look for today. Again, I'm Michael with Thanks for watching..

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