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Review of SmartPlug RV Power Inlets - 30 Amp Power Inlet and Connector - SM67FR

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SmartPlug RV Power Inlets - 30 Amp Power Inlet and Connector - SM67FR Review

Hi there, I'm Michael with Today, we're gonna take a quick look at the SmartPlug replacement power inlet and connector. This is going to help you switch your system from using a traditional twist-type inlet and connector to the SmartPlug system. So this will replace both the inlet and the connector to allow you to plug your RV or marine power cord up to your shore power. This will replace your current connector on your cord. So you will cut off that current connector and wire this in place.

It sounds a little intimidating, but they do include very detailed instructions to walk you through that process step by step. And the inlets here are color-coded so you can be sure that you're putting the wires in the right place, so very easy to get that upgraded for you. And then your inlet is gonna have the same mounting holes as your current twist-type holes or inlet. So it's gonna be very easy to get this mounted in place. Again, wiring is simple.

They have the same green, white, and black inlets there. So once you take this cap off, get everything put in place, again, very detailed instructions on the back side of the other instructions. So everything is gonna be able to wire right in place so that you can use that 30-amp and 125-volt power from your shore power into your RV or boat. Now, if you're not familiar with the benefits of the SmartPlug system, there are lots of benefits, including that this uses a sleeved design. So rather than all the weight of your cord being put on the pins themselves, that sleeve is going to bear the weight and tension.

So if you we're to trip over your cord at night, it's not going to tug on those pins, potentially causing them become loose, create electrical problems, so all of the weight is gonna be beared by that sleeved design. So it's also going to have a straight connection. So unlike your twist style, you're not ever gonna have to guess where you need to line it up. It just fits into one way, plugs right in, so very easy to get connected even at night. And the straight inlet pins are gonna maximize your electrical transfer by about 20%, or, sorry, 20 times as much as the curved style design.

So it is gonna provide less resistance, make a lot more efficient connection to allow that electricity to flow through. This does also have triple weatherproof seals that prevent any water from getting in and causing any problems with your electrical system. And they have this multipoint locking system that allows this to fit right in place, and if I can get it to line up, it will be much easier once this is actually installed on your cord. But to try and demonstrate, I'm trying to push that in a little bit farther. But it is going to lock it in place, so it's gonna be nice and securely connected for you, so you're not gonna have to worry about it getting pulled out, again, if you we're to trip over it or something along those lines. It will stay in place. You've got these stainless steel locking tabs here that will connect onto that little groove there, if I can get it pushed in far enough. Might be easier to show on the either side here. So that locks in place. Both sides will once you have it all installed. I'm just having a little bit of trouble currently without those wires being put in. And then when you're ready to disconnect, just push in on that tab and pull out. So that's one of the locking systems. The cap is actually gonna serve as the lock as well. So once we have this all the way pushed in, you can see that it got this little hook on our connector. And then our inlet cap is gonna come down on that and prevent it from being pulled out. So several different ways to make sure that this is gonna have a nice, secured connection for you. Very easy to then just push in on those tabs and wiggle this out. Again, it's gonna be much easier for you once your cables are actually connected to this piece and it is snugly inside this housing. That's the reason I'm having some trouble with it at the moment. But it will be a nice, smooth operation for you once you get it all installed. This is made of nice, high-quality materials. Our plastics are a UV and heat-resistant resin, so they're gonna hold up really well for us. Our electrical pins are a nickel-plated brass inside here. So those are going to do a great job of conducting that electricity for us. Our external metals are a marine grade 316 stainless steel, so it's gonna hold up really well for us. And the stainless steel cap will form a nice, weatherproof seal on our inlet when it's not being used. So we can put our cord in our storage bin and know that no water is going to be getting in there, causing problems with our connections. Now, this is just one option available from SmartPlug for your 30-amp systems. The stainless steel cover here, we do also have a black plastic, a white plastic, and a gray plastic. So you just wanna make sure that you're getting the one that's gonna best match your RV's external setup, so whatever is gonna look best for you. But this is the stainless steel option, and it is gonna do a really good job not only looking nice but also being very durable and trustworthy for a long time to come. All these products are made here in the USA, so you can trust they're made to the high-quality standards that we've come to know and trust for products that are made here in the US. So I think you're gonna be very happy with this if you do decide to switch over to the SmartPlug system, and there are enough advantages to make doing all that wiring worth it. So that's gonna complete our look for today. Again, I'm Michael with Thanks for watching..

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