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Review of SmartPlug RV Power Inlets - 30 Amp Grey Inlet Conversion Kit - SM87FR

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SmartPlug RV Power Inlets - 30 Amp Grey Inlet Conversion Kit - SM87FR Review

Hi there, I'm Michael with Today, we're gonna take a quick look at the SmartPlug 30-Amp Power Inlet and Connector Conversion Kit. This is going to allow you to upgrade your current 30-amp, 125-volt power inlet and connector cable so that you can take advantage of all the benefits of the SmartPlug system when you're plugging in your RV or boat into shore power. This is gonna be very easy to install. This will mount right in place of your existing connector on your power cord. Very easy to get wired in place there.

They do include the screws and hex key there to get your wires put in place and then get this face mounted back in the housing. They also include tools and the back side there so that your wiring is going to be supported and waterproof. And then on the inlet side, you are going to have the same mounting flange holes as your standard twist-style inlet, so very easy to get this mounted in place. Again, very easy mounting on the back side there too. So definitely something that you can do yourself so that you can upgrade your system to take advantage of those SmartPlug benefits.

Those benefits include that the connector is going to plug in straight on. So unlike your twist style, you're not gonna have to line it up perfectly. There's only one way to get it lined up, so it's gonna be very easy to do in the dark. You're not gonna have to worry about finding that perfect spot where you can twist it in, so very easy to get connected. Once you get it slid in place, it does have those locking tabs on the side there that's going to make sure that this is locked right in so it's gonna have a nice firm connection.

The cap, our gray cap here, is going to also provide a little bit of extra support there to make sure that it won't pull out. When we are ready to disconnect, we just push in on those tabs and pull out like so. That will allow it to come disconnected. You can see this does have a, its plug body sleeve so that it's going to allow the weight of your cable and all the connection to rest on that sleeve there rather than on the pins themselves. So unlike your older style systems where the weight is actually resting on those pins, so if you we're to trip over the cord or something like that, you could loosen those pins and cause some overheating, resistance issues.

This is going to support all the weight there on that sleeve. And being locked in place, it's gonna make sure that those connections are nice and secure for you. Now, you can see on the inside there, we do have those straight, nickel-plated brass pins that are going to maximize your electrical transfer by about 20% more than your curved-style design, so it's gonna reduce the resistance, make sure that you're not gonna have to worry about overheating. It's gonna allow that electricity to flow through very efficiently. On the inside of our plug, we also have the weatherproof seal. So in addition to that sleeve, that's going to make sure that the water isn't getting through. We're also gonna have that nice snug fit there. We also have the waterproof connection at the back side, so very weather-resistant, so you're not gonna have to worry about rain or water getting in there and causing any issues, so a really nice system here with the SmartPlug technology. All these materials are really well-made. This plastic is a UV and heat-resistant, VALOX 553U resin, so it's gonna be very durable for you. The external metals are a marine grade 316 stainless steel. And all these components are made here in the USA, so you can trust they're made to the high-quality standards that we've come to know and trust for products that are made here in the US. And probably most importantly, they do include some very detailed instructions with pictures along the way to help you get both components installed. So this is definitely one of those kits for those of you who wanna do things on your own. We do have cables that are, you know, just your standard plugin to your short power and plugin to your inlet. We also have several different kinds of inlets. So if you don't wanna do all that wiring yourself, you can definitely get pre-assembled components. But if you want to pick apart your current system and then put that wiring in yourself, this is the kit for you. This is the gray style. This is also available in very similar setups with white or black. There's also a stainless steel option for your inlet here. And the inlet does have a nice snap closure to it. It's going to also prevent any water from getting in there when you're not connected to it and then pops back open, allows you to plug in. So this is the part that changes depending on those kits. So if your system would work better with white or black or stainless steel, we also have those available here at But if you are wanting to switch out your old style and take advantage of the SmartPlug technology, this is gonna be a great kit for you. That's gonna complete our look for today. Again, I'm Michael with Thanks for watching..

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