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Review of Rola Vehicle Organizer 59001

Today we're going to be taking a look at part number 59001. This is the Rola spring-loaded organizer. It's going to be idea for the rear of your vehicle and organizing all of your gear. It can be used for many other applications as well, whether it's for your vehicle, your home, garage, shed, trailer, truck bed, or even in the office. You can use it to organize a lot of different items. Now this is going to feature a rigid base that's going to feature a non-slip design, so it's not really going to move around much on whatever surface you have it sitting on. The non-slip base is really going to keep the organizer securely in place. One of the really neat features about this, and I'll show you at the end of the video, is that it has a spring-loaded self-opening system.

So it's going to fold down flat for compact storage, and then when you're ready to use it, there's really no assembly, it simply just springs up. It's very easy to get in place and get ready to place in your gear. It's going to include three removable dividers. These can be removed, they can also be placed at different locations so you can customize the amount of space that you need. Here on the base, there's going to be two strips, one located on each side, so you can see that down there, same thing on the other side. Those are going to be hook an loop fasteners or hook and loop strips that's going to allow us to move these to whatever position we need inside the organizer.

It's got the heavy duty hook and loop strips that are going to keep the dividers in place, not only on the base but here along the outside as well. So if we wanted to fold one flat to create a larger space, we could easily do so. We could totally remove the dividers, each one is going to operate the same way. And then we could place it at a different location if we wanted to. So totally customizable to fit your needs. On the inside here, it's going to have the convenient handles for transport to and from the vehicle.

Each side is going to be identical, so what you're seeing here on the front side is going to be identical on the back side. You're going to have your mesh pockets, you've got the nice Rola logo there, mesh pocket right here, and a mesh pocket right here. And again, the side on my side of the table is going to be identical to the side you're seeing. So it's got the handy net pouch on the outside of the organizer, that's going to be great for storing smaller items that can easily be misplaced. This does fold flat for easy, convenient storage. Before I do that though, I do want to go over the overall measurements with you.

The overall length of this unit . It's going to give us a measurement of right at 38". Now if I measure from the base to the top right here, that's going to be 7", and then we can add an additional 2" from the base to measure to the top of the actual dividers. You can see that those hook and loop strips are going to run pretty much the full length, from buckle to buckle. That's going to be the same on the inside as well. The width of the unit, from outer edge to outer edge, is going to be about 15". Let's go ahead and fold it flat. Fold these in, simply just lay them down. The ends right here pivot in, two sides come down, and they simply buckle together, just like that. So this is actually how you're going to get it out of the box. When you're ready to open it up, undo that, and you can see how it pops open automatically. Then all you have to do is flip open the dividers, place them where you need them, depending on your particular needs, and then you're going to be set to go. That's going to do it for today's review of part number 59001. This is the Rola spring-loaded organizer.

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