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Reese Weight Distribution - WD With Sway Control - RP66130 Review

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Review of Reese Weight Distribution RP66130

Today we'll be reviewing part number RP66130, this is the Reese Strait-Line Weight Distribution System with a sway control unit. This is a Trunnion bar design. The system's going to evenly distribute the weight over the axles of your tow vehicle and trailer for stability and control. It's going to create a more level ride for both the tow vehicle and the trailer. It's going to feature the automatically self-adjusting, self-centering sway control that's going to work in a variety of situations. Whether you're moving in a straight line the cams will lock in position to hold the trailer steady despite crosswinds. When you're going around corners or when you're cornering the cams will automatically unlock and slide to allow full radius turns.

Then, when you encounter the situations where you can't help but have sudden swerving, the cams actually seek a straight line angle to help stabilize the trailer. So, these two things right here, that's going to be your sway control system. It easily attaches to the wright distribution system via the chains. So, you don't have to mess with any U-bolts or platforms to interfere with the frame mounted items such as gas tanks, toolboxes, or generators, it just connects using the chains. Then, it will require drilling into the frame of your trailer. All the necessary hardware to get the sway control system installed is included, so keep that in mind.

The Trunnion bars are going to be hot rolled and tapered here on the ends for superior strength and flexibility. The bars will flex appropriately over uneven terrain for a controlled, even ride. Then, the sway control cams provide attachment point for the spring bars. They just sit over that portion right there of the sway control arm and so it's got that nice curved edge. It fits the contour of that really well and it's a perfect fit. The head assembly is going to feature a forged, raised ball platform that's going to eliminate the need for a raised hitch ball.

It's also going to allow you to get the desired tilt that you need. It's got the serrated washer design. So, here on each side where the shank goes, it's going to feature a serrated washer that has teeth that digs into the teeth on the head assembly. That's going to allow you to get the tilt that you need. That's also going to eliminate the need to have to use any spacers or piling on washers like you used to have to, to get the desired angle.

You can adjust the tension here on the spring bar all you got to do is switch between the different lengths to get the tension that you need depending on your application. This system is going to include a sway control cams, the head assembly, the lift brackets, the spring bars, the lift chains. It's also going to include the leverage bar and all necessary hardware. The leverage bar goes over that portion there of the bracket. It's going to allow you to get some leverage to lift up the chains in the position or to lower them, that way if you ever need to disconnect. It's just a really neat feature to help ease installation and removal. The frame brackets here are going to attach to the frame of your trailer and all you got to do is thread in the set screw, that's a really tight fit so you would need to use the appropriate tool to get that on there. So, once you have that on there you just tighten the set screws, that's going to push against the trailer frame. It's going to hold that bracket firmly in place. The adjustable ask and trailer hitch ball are going to be sold separately. This unit is going to require a hitch ball with a threaded shank with a 1 1/4 inch diameter or you can use the spacer right here, the reducer sleeve that goes in the hitch ball hole. You're going to be able to use a hitch ball with a threaded shank with a 1 inch diameter, so keep that in mind that is included.The system's going to offer a tongue weight of 800 pounds to 1500 pounds of tongue weight and then gross towing weight is going to be rated at 15,000 pounds. This system is designed to work with 2-inch by 2-inch and 2 1/2 inch by 2 1/2 inch receiver that would be rated for use with weight distribution systems. Again, that shank system is going to be sold separately. inaudible 00:04:03 in the mounting point for the lift bracket assembly, you want to mount this about 30 inches back from the hitch ball which would be this portion here, measuring in a straight-line angle 30 inches back on the trailer frame. Here at, you can find some optional mounts that take up less space on the trailer if you need to. These are going to require about 5 1/2 inches of space along the trailer frame. See there they got the nice opening in the bracket it's going to fit around a frame, this will not fit trailer frames wider than 2 1/2 inches. So, here on the sway control system, this portion is going to bold right onto the trailer frame, again all the hardware you need is included. You definitely want to refer to the instructions to make sure you get correct placement and to double check and make sure you have everything hooked up appropriately. Really simple system to use and to install, attached in just a few minutes. You shouldn't have any problem with getting that set.Now, when it comes to selecting a weight distribution system, the tongue weight rating is the most important factor into determining which size weight distribution system you should use. If the bars of the system you use are rated too high for your setup they'll actually cause a rigid ride which could result an imbalancing trailer. Then on the other hand, if the bars are not rate high enough the system will be unable to properly distribute the weight. To determine the proper weight rating, all you have to do is determining your trailers tongue weight and then add to that the weight of cargo behind the rear axle of your tow vehicle. The two measurements combined will make up the tow weight rating for your weight distribution system and then you can choose from a variety of options once you get that measurement figured out. That's going to do it for our review. Part number RP66130 this is the Reese Strait-Line Weight Distribution System with Sway Control. .

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