Redline Trailer Spindles - EZ Lube Spindle - R20384EZ Review

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Review of Redline Trailer Spindles R20384EZ

Today we're going to be reviewing part number R20384EZ. This is a EZ Lube spindle with a 3-inch stub, that's this portion back here. The spindle is going to have the brake mounting flange welded onto it. You see back here it has a nice consistent weld. It's going to offer a capacity of 1,750 pounds and it's for a 3,500-pound axle. The brake mounting flange is going to have a 4-bolt design.

This is going to be used to attach the brake assembly to your spindle. If we take a measurement, the distance that we have between the holes, it's going to give us a measurement of 2-7/8 of an inch, center-on-center. Square design, so that measurement is going to be consistent between all holes and again, that is center-on-center. This part number is going to include the D-washer, tang washer as well as the castle nut. All three parts are going to be used to hold the hub assembly onto the spindle. The EZ lube spindle is a great design. It's a great system to have in place.

It has a grease zerk fitting here on the end. This is going to allow you to pump grease internally into the spindle simply by attaching your grease gun. Then there's a hole right here on the inner bearing surface where the grease will come out and then the grease will fill the cavity in the hub and lube both the inner and outer bearings. Now, the EZ lube spindle makes it much easier to lube the bearings when compared to a regular spindle with no zerk fitting. That simply just means that you have to remove the castle nut and the hub and then you have to manually grease the bearings. This system is going to allow you to attach a grease gun, pump the grease in and then it's going to lube the bearings simply by pumping the grease into the spindle.

This is designed to be used with a bearing kit. That's going to be sold separately with part number BK2-100. A few measurement that we need to go over real quick. The first one's going to be the stub length. This measurement's taken from the base of the weld to the end of the stub.

It's going to give us 3 inches. The overall length measuring from edge-to-edge, that's going to give us a measurement of 9 inches. If we include the zerk fitting, that's going to increase it to 9-1/4 of an inch. Now the rest of the measurements are very precise. They're actually measured to the hundredths of an inch so we're going to be using a digital caliper to get those readings. The first one's going to be the diameter of the stub, so this portion back here. That's going to give us a measurement of 1.75. The next one is going to be the grease seal. It's going to measure 1.73. The next one's going to be the inner bearing surface, this portion right here. This is going to give us a measurement of 1.38. The next one is the outer bearing surface, 1.06, and then the threaded portion right here is going to measure right at 1 inch. That's going to do it for today's review of part number R20384EZ. This is the EZ Lube Spindle with the 3-inch stub. .

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