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Review of Redarc RV Solar Panels - Portable Solar Kit - RED86VR

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Redarc RV Solar Panels - Portable Solar Kit - RED86VR Review

Hello everybody. This is [email protected] Today we're gonna take a look at this RedArc 200 watt portable mono crystalline solar panel. You can see this panel comes folded for easy transport and storage, in this nice heavy-duty nylon bag. Basically you just zip it down on each side. So if we zipper this all the way open, and then take it down on the other side, you can see that the bag will open, and then you'll have access to your solar panel.

The panel unfolds, and then I'll show you the folding legs that you use to support it, and just pull the bag back up here. So basically, all you have to do is unfold it just like that. When you put it down you'll notice there's legs here that are clipped in place. It'll just fold out like that, and right here, fold them up just like that. And then all you have to do, let's see if we can lift this baby up, and then get those legs folded out.

You can see that you can put it down, and you can adjust it to whatever angle you want, but you can see right now how it holds it in position. This is a nice portable 200 watt solar panel. Uses the sunlight to charge your batteries. It says designed for portable use with your RV, your van, or anywhere else you'll need solar power. What's nice about portable, if you're only traveling a few times a year and your priority is the ease of use, value, flexibility, the portable folding solar panels are a great option.

These are the next generation folding solar panels, which give you a nice small, ultra light weight solution. Makes it very quick and easy to set up and pack down, as you just seen, how we open this up, and you're ready to set it up. They are up to about 50% lighter than other popular panels that are on the market. This one here weighs about 21 pounds. Now this one is the 200 watt version, and it is also available in 120 watt version.

We do sell separate on our website, and what's nice due to their high portability, they're quick to move. So you can just make the most of the patchy sunlight. So if you need to turn it, you can just pick it up and move it to wherever you need it. So it makes it very flexible. Now I mentioned it as a mono crystalline solar panel. Has the high efficiency rates that are typically in 15 to 20% range, and the high efficiency rate means they'll produce more power per square foot, and they're therefore, very space efficient. These portable ones have an ETFE coding, which will protect the solar cells from any damage, withstands high temperatures, and allow maximum amount of solar energy to penetrate the cells. I'll show you on the back again, the connections here. You just fold those legs back down, clip them into those little places they clip into. If I zoom in, you might be able to see here, If I slide this just a little bit, you'll be able to see the junction boxes right here, and then they use the Anderson connectors. Which provide a nice, easy plug and play set up. These are designed to work with RedArcs solar charge controllers, RedArc dual input BCDC chargers, and RedArc manager 30 battery management systems. Those we do sell separately on our website. A few dimensions on this, let me zoom back out, lift it back up. Very durable hinges on the middle here, but basically this is in the open position. So the length from this end to this end is going to be 54 inches long, the width, 31 and a half inches wide, and fully opened they're only about an inch wide. Now if we close it, pretty much rotate this and close it up, and just like that, length is going to change to 27 inches long. The width will stay the same, 31 and a half inches wide, and it's about two inches tall now that you close it together. And again, it's very easy to handle. What's nice, is this case we showed you, it is a nice strong nylon, padded case. It is padded for easy transport, storage, and protection. The built-in handle on the solar panel makes it fairly easy to carry the panel around when it's stored. So basically, if we just put it back in that bag, zip it all the way up on that side. Get the zipper, make sure it's in the bag, zip it all the way up on this side, and you can see with that handles sticking out, makes it easy to carry. Also what's nice, let me flip it around to the back here and show you, I have a nice zippered pouch that almost goes the whole length, that you can actually put your cables or your connectors all in there, and keep it all together to store it. A few specs on this, the rated peak power is 200 Watts total. So it's two by 100 Watts. Each panels a hundred Watts and there's two panels. Total of 200 Watts. Max system voltage, 600 volts DC. Max power current, 10 amps. Maximum power voltage, 20 volts. And the operating temperature range for the solar panel is negative 40 degrees Fahrenheit to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Does come with this nice user's guide. That'll describe how this hooks up, very simple hookup, and how it operates. But that should do it for the review on this RedArc 200 watt portable mono crystalline solar panel..

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