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Review of Redarc Brake Controller 331-EBRHV2

Speaker 1: Today we're taking a look at the Redarc Tow Pro classic trailer brake controller. This brake controller is designed to activate your trailer's electric or electric over hydraulic brakes when you apply the brakes in your tow vehicle. And this brake controller activates your trailer brakes with a preset intensity, so the signal is sent to the trailer brakes when the tow vehicle's brakes are activated. Immediate activation is great for offroading.The control knob, which is this portion here, mounts in the dash or other easily accessible area inside the cab of the vehicle. Nice, small design. The knob right here has a diameter of about 5/8 of an inch, so what you see right here is what's visible from within your vehicle.

This allows for fast and easy adjustment of braking power, with the simple turn of the dial.Now, for lighter braking, you would turn the knob to a lower number. For heavier braking, you'd turn the knob to a higher number. It also provides accessible manual override. All you have to do is press the knob to activate the manual override, which applies the trailer brakes only. So that's designed to be used when the trailer brakes need to be applied without the vehicle brakes, such as a situation where you're trying to correct trailer sway when traveling.It also offers simple diagnostics.

Located right above the control knob is a small LED. So when this is in sleep mode, the LED will be green in color, and it'll fade in and out. When the trailer's connected, it'll be solid green, and when brakes are applied, it'll transition from green to red as you press on the brakes in the vehicle. The main unit, which is the control box right here, this installs completely out of sight, so maybe behind a panel or behind the dash of the vehicle. It can be mounted in any orientation.

Great thing about that is there's no more hitting your knees as you get into or out of your vehicle, so no more bulky controllers, no interference with airbags or other vehicle accessories, and no hard-to-reach override lever or impossible-to-reach screen.The control knob and the main unit connect using the included cable, which measures around 40 inches long. And then the main unit right here connects to your vehicle's wiring directly, or by using a brake control harness. The vehicle wires, or the harness wires, insert into this plug right here, which then inserts into the main unit.The product is made in Australia. It's designed for trailers with up to three axles or six brake assemblies. It's designed for use with electric or electric over hydraulic trailer brakes, and it works with 12 volt vehicle electrical systems.

Now, the main unit right here, it's a nice, small, compact unit. Edge to edge going this direction, it's about 3 15/16 of an inch. Going this direction, 3 3/8, and then the overall thickness is about 1 1/8 inches.You'll notice that it has the mounting bracket built into it, so you can easily mount this with zip ties or some hardware. The control knob right here requires a 3/8 inch diameter hole for installation, and a 1/8 inch diameter hole for the LED. Mounting template is included I the instructions.And then it has this nice backplate right here, which is just an adhesive backing. So you would mount that directly to your panel or to your dash, wherever you're mounting the knob. And it has the numbers on it, it has a little spot for the LED to come through, and then it has the Redarc logo down here at the bottom. But again, once installed, this portion right here is the only portion that's gonna be visible from within the vehicle. So it's completely out of the way.Output voltage range is nine volts to 16 volts. Output current rating is 25 amps continuous, and the maximum charging voltage is 12 volt DC. That's gonna do it for today's look at the Redarc Tow Pro classic trailer brake controller.

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