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Proscan RV TV - LED TV - 324-000134 Review

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Review of Proscan RV Electronics 324-000134

Speaker 1: Today, we're going to take a look at the Proscan 39-inch LED television with the stand. Now, this 110 volt AC powered television has an integrated HD TV tuner and has HD TV ready compatibilities. It does include everything shown here on the table. It comes with this nice wireless remote and the batteries. The mounting legs I've already installed, just to show you how they're put together, and a nice instruction manual on how to operate it.This is a wide 16 to 9 LCD panel. It has the integrated HD TV tuner.

Now, the buttons on the front on the very bottom right here, they will start with the standby button. The second button is the source button. Then, you have the menu. Then, the next two are channel up, channel down, and then volume up, volume down. But again, you'll have the remote if you want to operate it through the remote, also.Now, on the back ...

we're going to spin this around so we can show you the connection ports on the back here. So right down here, the very bottom . we'll start with the headphone. And you're going to have the digital audio jack. Next to that is the audio/video in-jack.

Component inputs . got all of them here. And then, at the very end, you're going to have one HDMI-1 input. And then, if you go to the side, right over here, you'll have two more, HDMI-2, HDMI-3. Then, you'll have a VGAN, a PC audio in.

You have an RF input. And then, the very last one is a service port that you won't need to mess with.Now, the contrast ratio on this is 1,200 to 1. The VESA or VESA mounting pattern, if you want to wall mount this, is 200 millimeters by 100 millimeters, or 8 inches by 4 inches. A few dimensions on this. We're going to give you the overall dimensions. Overall width is going to be right at 35 inches wide. The overall height is right at 20 inches tall, and the total depth of it is right at 3 inches deep. But that should do it for the review on the Proscan 39 inch LED television with the stand.

Isaac O.


If you are in country where the volt is 220-240 that’s means you have to buy step down before you can use it

Les D.


@IsaacO The Proscan RV Electronics 324-000134 (no longer available) TV only operates with 110 V-A/C power. You are correct that any device designed for USA standard household voltage will not work with 220-240 voltage. As you suggested, you could employ an independant transformer to convert your avaiable power to 110 volts A/C